Deep analysis of the high plate: tianfu Avenue west of the industry-city integration development area!

2022-07-23 0 By

At this stage, the most popular area of visual height: west of Tianfu Avenue, north of Zhongjian Avenue, tianfu New Area visual height plate’s core industrial base are in this area, Xinglong Lake is the future chengdu industrial development engine, Xinglong Lake is the RESEARCH and development center, visual height of the west area is its transformation center!At the same time, this area is also regarded as the government office area, and industrial and government offices occupy nearly half of the land in this area.Rail transit S5 line height station is also in this area!In the future of xinglong Lake just need employment crowd there, as high plate office workers will choose here!In the south of Zhongjian Avenue, it is the area with the best apparent elevation plate environment. There are Caisang Lake Wetland Park and Nantianfu Ecological Park.This area is very suitable for living, and it will be developed into a high-end residential area in the future. Nantianfu station of S5 rail transit line is also located here!This area will also support high-end commercial complex projects, and the gaozhi crowd of Xinglong Lake Science City will consider settling here in the future!