Changzhou shows a year plan, the year of the tiger to do so

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Spring as the first year, all behavior first.On the first working day after the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, Changzhou held the “First Meeting of the Spring Festival” and quickly switched from “festive state” to “working mode”.What are the highlights of the first Spring Festival in Changzhou this year?What are the signals?Summing up the past and looking forward to the future is often the main line of “The first Meeting of the Spring Festival” in various places, and Changzhou is no exception.This year, changzhou’s “New Year’s First Meeting” is the industrial development conference, which briefly reviewed and summarized the development of Changzhou in the past year.From the data, it can be seen that Changzhou has made remarkable achievements in the past year: its GDP reached 880.76 billion yuan, with an increase of 9.1%, the second fastest growth rate in southern Jiangsu province, and it is the only city divided into districts in the province with the first rank in growth rate for five consecutive years.Revenue in the general public budget reached 68.81 billion yuan, up 11.6%, the fastest growth rate in southern Jiangsu.The industrial added value on the regulation increased by 13.6%, the increase rate was the fourth in the province and the second in southern Jiangsu.The “First Meeting of the Spring Festival” also provides the answer to the question of when Changzhou can enter the trillion club.The conference clearly put forward, “according to the current growth momentum, in 2023 we will swagger into the ‘trillion club’, trillion GDP city can be in the future”.Changzhou has a profound historical heritage in industrial development. Its urban temperament is similar to that of Germany. It follows the industrial route of solid work and skillful work without pompous and vain reputation, and is a development path of solid industrial development and potential accumulation of internal forces.The “Trillion Club” may be just a label and a title, but the strength of the city it represents cannot be ignored.Can expect, next year at this time, the overall development of Changzhou or will step on a brand new level.A key word: industry This year, Changzhou’s “New Year’s First meeting” is the city’s industrial development conference.Manufacturing, industry and quality have always been the clear guidance of changzhou’s economic development. Industrial development plays an important role in building Changzhou into an international intelligent city and a central hub of the Yangtze River Delta.As Chen Jinhu, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech, “Industry has brought countless glory and pride to this city, provided strong support and power, injected distinct genes and temperament, and the industry will surely carry the bright future and dream of this city.”So, in the “14th Five-year plan” period, changzhou to develop what kind of industry?How to develop industry?The conference gave the answer from six aspects: seize the “main attack point” of cluster development, activate the “active energy” of scientific and technological innovation, turn quasi intelligence into the “main direction”, strengthen the “main grasp” of major projects, build the “main force” of quality brand, and sing the “theme song” of green safety.The industrial development of Changzhou has outstanding advantages.When talking about the reasons for choosing Changzhou, many enterprises without exception mention the advantages that attract them to invest and develop here: rare advantages of the whole industrial chain, outstanding clustering potential of industries, and profound industrial history.These advantages for every enterprise committed to the industry planted fertile ground for development, but also for the expansion of the enterprise left enough space for forward.On the basis of existing industrial advantages, Changzhou is seeking transformation and breakthrough.China’s economy is facing the triple pressures of shrinking demand, supply shocks and weakening expectations, especially in the manufacturing sector, the conference said.Looking ahead, these contradictions and challenges may be problems at the present stage, but in essence and in the long run, they are the objective law of development and the inevitable result of the manufacturing industry entering a new stage of development, indicating that the manufacturing industry is in the process of difficult evolution to a higher stage.This is a difficult and transformation of the race, but also a process.A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is on the way, and the competition between cities will surely return to the main track of industry. The one who can break through the pain of “pole” first will win the future.Strong industry leads to strong industry, and strong industry leads to strong economy.Under the background of the new era, Changzhou, which has a profound industrial history and culture, has the courage to face the pain of industrial transformation, constantly seeking intelligent transformation and digital transformation of the industry, and exploring the road to strengthen the industry market in the new era.Solid policy “gift package” policy can best represent the sincere attitude of the government to support industrial development.The conference issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting High-quality Industrial Development” and “Several Policies on Promoting High-quality Industrial Development”, with the best policies, the largest strength and the strongest measures, leveraging more domestic and foreign high-end factors to industrial agglomeration in Changzhou.From the announced part of the policy incentive “gift package”, we can see the full sincerity of Changzhou to support the development of enterprises — those enterprises whose operating income exceeds 100 billion, 50 billion, 10 billion for the first time can be awarded 10 million, 5 million, 2 million.The newly selected manufacturing enterprises of “World top 500”, “China top 500 Enterprises”, “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises” and “China Top 500 Private Enterprises” will be rewarded with a maximum of 30 million, 10 million, 5 million and 2 million respectively.Newly recognized + as the national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise or single champion product, national specialty special new “little giant” enterprise, the highest can be awarded 2 million, 1 million.For newly recognized national and provincial enterprise R&D platforms, a maximum reward of 2 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given respectively;Newly recognized national technological innovation demonstration enterprises will be given a maximum reward of RMB 1 million.Those who undertake national key technology research projects can receive a maximum subsidy of RMB 5 million for each project.There are many similar policy incentives in Several Policies on Promoting high-quality Industrial Development, which will not be listed here.It can be seen that Changzhou is not stingy with real money and silver on the road of industrial strong city.Enterprises committed to the development of industry, seeking breakthroughs and innovation, can seek realistic incentives in these policies in accordance with their actual situation, but also can further clarify the follow-up development goals.Full of policy “gift package”, coupled with changzhou’s consistent “shopkeeper” and “urgent seller” service attitude for enterprise development, Changzhou has been the “strongest backing” and “best partner” of good enterprises, boosting the city’s enterprises to focus on moving forward and climb to new heights.Small project plotting on the big blueprint real rewards and subsidies, is representing changzhou’s most sincere support for enterprise development and innovation attitude.The industrial development goals for the next few years also show changzhou’s full confidence and drive, from part of the target setting can be seen: by 2025, the total industrial scale of the city will exceed 2.5 trillion yuan, and the proportion of manufacturing added value in GDP will be stable at about 43%.By 2025, the output value of high-tech industries will account for 50% of the total industrial output value, high-end equipment clusters will exceed 600 billion yuan, clusters of new energy vehicles and auto core parts will exceed 400 billion yuan, and clusters of new energy and new materials will exceed 150 billion yuan respectively.This year, 60 new specialized and special “little giant” enterprises above provincial level will be added, and the number will exceed 350 by 2025, including 100 national level enterprises and 50 national single champion manufacturing enterprises (products).The market value of “Changzhou plate” in the capital market exceeds one trillion yuan, and there will be more than 150 listed companies by 2025.To promote the application of “5G+ Industrial Internet” scenarios, build benchmark demonstration, and build 4 national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, 40 provincial-level intelligent factories, 30 provincial-level industrial Internet benchmark factories, and 2 provincial-level 5G fully connected factories by 2025.Clear goal, big task, full of energy.When the potential also, do not lose when also.A new round of development of the best “trend” gathered in Changzhou.As mentioned in the general assembly, in the face of unprecedented industrial revitalization of the trend and potential of the energy level jump, location of qualitative change trend, logical administration and potential, distance is but one step from the “city of trillions of GDP of changzhou, only to revive industry, to sprint across the trillions of steps, run good modernization new journey, make a blood boiling passion s.Changzhou, industry momentum, development forward.Show the plan of the year, the year of the tiger to do so