CCTV live!China women’s Basketball team VS Nigeria, Li Meng injured, the top guard back debut

2022-07-23 0 By

After a month of training, The Chinese women’s basketball team has arrived in Serbia to meet the preliminary round of the Women’s Basketball World Cup.This is also the first appearance of The Chinese women’s basketball team after the change of coach, but for coach Zheng Wei, the first game against Nigeria is facing a difficult situation, in the previous training, Li Meng was injured, although she went out with the team, but it is not clear whether she will be back to the best form, in addition, Wang Lili will make her debut back to the Chinese women’s basketball team.The adjustment of the Chinese women’s basketball team is not small, Yang Shuyu and Wang Lili on the defensive line were selected into the 14-man list, Zheng Wei such choice or because li Meng injury situation.On the WCBA last season opener, Li Meng suffered a knee injury, in order to help the sichuan women basketball championship, she shrugged back, in a recent training injury again, cause the old injury has a relapse, while I was with fc Li Meng, but there are also some hidden dangers, whether will be evaluated according to team doctor finally to decide.Another highlight of the Chinese women’s basketball team will be Wang Lili’s return debut. As a member of China’s Asian Games gold medalist, the veteran has been away from the national team for two years and won zheng Wei’s recognition for her outstanding performances in the Olympics and THE WCBA.Yang Shuyu, her partner on the three-man national team, was also included in the 14-man list and will play together for China.Nigeria’s strength is not as weak as imagined, especially the return of WNBA players, so The Chinese women’s basketball team can not be careless, Li Yueru and Han Xu are still the key to win the ball, in addition, the back guard must reduce mistakes, otherwise the opponent will have trouble to bring up the speed.A year ago, The Chinese women’s basketball team won consecutive games to send a great gift, hope they continue their excellent performance in this world preliminary tournament!Live tips: China Women’s Basketball VS Nigeria CCTV Sports at 22:00 on February 10th