The 13th CPC Zibo City Committee held its first plenary meeting

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The zibo city committee of the 13th Jiang Duitao first plenary session held elections for the party secretary, election Ma Xiaolei, vice secretary of municipal party committee Jiang Duitao Zhao Qingwen for on behalf of the new party speech on February 15 in the afternoon, the first plenary meeting thirteenth of zibo city committee of the communist party of China, held in qisheng international hotel conference center.51 party committee members should attend the meeting, 51 people;The alternate members of the Municipal committee should be 10 people, 10 people.Municipal commission for Discipline Inspection members to attend the second stage meeting.Comrade Jiang Duntao chaired the meeting.The plenum adopted the “Method for The Election of the First Plenary Session of the 13th Committee of THE CPC Zibo City”, the list of vote monitors and the list of candidates for the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee.Then, by secret ballot, 11 members of the 13th CPC Zibo Standing Committee were elected by competitive margin.They are: Jiang Duntao, Ma Xiaolei, Zhao Qingwen, Yuan Liang, Wang Tiejun, Chu Zhendong, Song Zhenbo, Gai Weixing, Li Xinsheng, Lei Xia, Liao Xuemin.The plenum elected Jiang Duntao Secretary of the CPC Zibo Municipal Committee, and Ma Xiaolei and Zhao Qingwen deputy Secretaries of the CPC Zibo Municipal Committee.The plenum approved the results of the first plenary session of the 13th CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zibo city.Members of the standing Committee of the 13th CPC Zibo Commission for Discipline Inspection: Wang Tiejun, Wang Xuegang, Cui Zhengming, Li Debo, Bai Nianbo, Chen Zongcheng, Li Hongjun, Yuan Peng, Li Shuai;Secretary: Wang Tiejun;Deputy Secretaries: Wang Xuegang, Cui Zhengming, Li Debo.Jiang Duntao delivered a speech on behalf of the new municipal party committee leaders.He said that the new CPC Committee was appointed at the juncture of the “two centenary Goals” and the start of comprehensive modernization, shouldering the glorious mission of accelerating the transformation and leap of the old industrial city of Zibo, and carrying the fervour of the city’s people to live a happy life.This is a pair of mixed with honor and responsibility, embodies the trust and the historical burdens of hope, we must cherish the opportunities provided by the age and stage, cherishing the people placed great trust and love cherish zibo a basis for the development of accumulation and the comparative advantage for many years, depending on the mission, such as life, regard responsibility such as mount tai, solidarity and lead the party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres and masses in the cityMade pen, strive to work for the ink, in the “lines” of time and space in inheriting and planning development path, in the in the struggle of “big coordinates” writing a new paper, a concerted effort to portray the city the 13th congress of grand blueprint into beautiful scene, strutting walk strong city in a new era of socialist modernization construction of a new journey.Jiang duntao pointed out that the new municipal Committee should forge faith with loyalty, always uphold the political nature of devotion to the Party, always take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a powerful ideological weapon, and firmly safeguard the “two establishment” and “two safeguard” as the highest political principle and fundamental political rule.We will continue to improve our political judgment, understanding, and execution, resolutely follow the direction, strategies, and decisions guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee, and ensure that Important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee’s decisions and plans take root and bear fruit in Zibo.Should use action show bear, carry forward the historical mission, strengthened rushed, overcome the difficult, for a long time for work, focusing on the development trend, for the higher goal, continuous rolling ring “thing for first-class, only flag is take” the war drums, strive to promote the change of the concept of cognitive iteration, l d, resolutely boldly, seize every minute to dry, dry wistfully, a hammer and a hammer, then next dry,We will follow through on a blueprint and follow through on it. With concrete actions, we will make new achievements that can stand the test of history and the people.To the crowd as relatives, practicing for the fundamental purpose, implement the party’s mass line, we need to respect the principal position of the people, often think “for whom”, often want to “who rely on”, often ask, “who am I” is always stand with the people, want to together, do together, and the advocacy, heart to heart, a heart for the realization of the people’s yearning for a better life unremitting struggle.Want to rely on unity cohesion strength, create a vivid situation single-minded, expand solidarity with our common cause, with strong party spirit build unity, with the system guarantee of the strict unity, both to be changed, individual, show their talent, and heart to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, and constantly enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party group,We will give full play to the central role of the CPC Municipal Committee as the leading core of commanding the overall situation and coordinating all parties, and form a mighty force of unity and progress.To honor as a life, single-minded devotion of political ethics, the use right of the steering wheel, fasten non-corrupt “seat belt”, to adapt to the supervision of the “spotlight” and more reliably self-excitation, gravity introspection, focusing on cultivation are md, Wilder self-respecting awe-inspiring, achieves is clear, clean work, be frank and open to the officer in vain,We will always maintain the political character of honesty and integrity, and take practical actions to protect the “clear waters and green mountains” in zibo’s politics.