Sunshine in my heart, scenery in my eyes

2022-07-22 0 By

The cycle of four seasons, life, winter and spring again.A poor life, in fact, is nothing more than a longing for life can be more warm, more care and be loved.But most of the time, you care about the people may not care about you, care about your people, you and light.People are always like this, like the sun and the moon’s pursuit, life and growth in nature, but not at all.Tears, just know how many people can comfort;In fact, care about the details of the people, is the most easily sad.The road of life is so long, things are changing.The failure of the past, does not mean that the future will always be dark;The success of the past does not mean that the future is always brilliant.When the mind is at peace, nothing can control our mood.A person as long as there is sunshine in his heart, where he goes is warm, is bright, is happy, will be comfortable.If a person with cold heart, wherever he goes, his heart is haze, are fog, are dim without light.Heart sunshine, everywhere good peace;Open-minded, everywhere broad.Happiness is not handed out by others, happiness is their own creation, there is sunshine in the heart, naturally not afraid of wind and rain.As long as there is love and sunshine in your heart, you will not be afraid of any wind and rain!