Space tourism is possible

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Space tourism is based on the ideal of traveling in space, to travel in space, to provide people with an unprecedented experience.Although the global economy is affected by the overall environment, people’s thinking and exploration in science and technology have not stopped.Both at home and abroad, people put their vision into the distant outer space, space travel has become a topic worthy of the rich thinking.The most desirable thing is to enjoy the beauty of space and the taste of weightlessness.These two experiences are very unique and interesting.These are two experiences that can only be enjoyed in space, so to speak, in the sky.The space program began on April 30, 2001.The first space tourist was American businessman Danny Tito, the second was South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth, and the third was American Gregory Olson.Before they travel in space, not only prepared enough money, more in line with the training into space, a number of exercises together, for their travel to provide more possibilities, in order to ensure safety, they have to wait for the space.Experts say the future of space tourism will see four major trends: popularization, diversification of projects, competition from multiple companies and improved safety regulations