Off the Internet for more than 10 days home office by ceng net Great Wall broadband package discount sales, service is also discounted?

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Broadband off the network, reported repair late maintenance, and can not refund.As early as last year, our newspaper “scan code to find reporters” column on many Great Wall broadband users encountered the situation reported, the Great Wall broadband Suzhou network to provide a solution.After half a year, the same problem occurred again: From this Spring Festival to now, Mr. Liu’s home in Kunshan has been disconnected from the Internet for more than 10 days. Because of the delay in repair, he had to go to his friend’s home to censor the Internet.Service of preferential limit time is however again and again “delay time” arrive yesterday from February 3 this year, Mr Liu home already broke net 12 days, he that occupy the home office and family days, when needing to get online, can take notebook computer to friend’s home to wipe net only.Mr. Liu lives in Kunshan Yushan town of the transport community, home with the Great Wall broadband.”The broadband was installed in 2015. At that time, there were not many broadband service providers connected in the community, and the Great Wall broadband price was relatively low, so I chose their home.”Mr. Liu’s home is installed with 100M broadband.In 2020, Mr. Liu received a recommendation from the Staff of Great Wall Broadband, saying that if the subscription is renewed for three years, he can enjoy a time-limited discount of 799 yuan.Mr. Liu calculated that it was very cheap, and paid the money for three years.Last May, Liu found that the broadband connection was not available, so he called the customer service number of Great Wall Broadband, only to find that it took more than 10 days for someone to come to the door for repair, which he was very unhappy about.During the Spring Festival this year, his family’s broadband broke down again. Because he and his family needed to get online at home and work for days, it was very inconvenient to have no broadband, so he was more anxious than before. During this period, he urged the customer service of Great Wall Broadband for three times.”Every time the customer service said they would inform the master to come to the door as soon as possible, but there was no one.”Mr. Liu said.Empty buildings only network for a long time closed more than 10 days no maintenance, more let Mr. Liu feel passive, he can contact only the Great Wall broadband customer service hotline 95079, and the phone is not always able to get through.Yesterday morning, the reporter repeatedly dialed the number, choose “repair” and “consulting” service, the system prompted the transfer of artificial customer service, but no one answered.Jiangsu Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co’s Wuzhong customer service center, Pingjiang service center and Mudu service center have all been cancelled, while Jiangsu Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co is also in an “abnormal operation” state, according to the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System.In addition, The Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd. suzhou branch has moved from Wuzhong District to Gusu District Houzhuang Lane.After the zhuang lane business hall, has been the Great Wall broadband in suzhou area of the only business handling points, but also last year when reporters interviewed, to respond to the problem of the network.However, when the reporter went to the lane again yesterday, but saw the Great Wall broadband business hall door locked, the door attached to the “refund process” and a copy of the water meter master to see the water meter reading.The mobile phone number of the staff of the business hall posted on the door was found to be out of service by dialing.”The doors have been closed, no one has been seen for months, and of course the phones have been disconnected.”In the face of the reporter’s inquiry, the owner of a nearby store is not strange.After waiting for a few hours, yesterday afternoon, the reporter again dialed the Great Wall broadband customer service telephone 95079, finally connected to the artificial service.The customer service staff said that all the work orders were transmitted through the network. He did not know the specific situation of the outlets in Suzhou area and needed to ask relevant personnel to reply.Soon, a call the Great Wall broadband staff contact with reporters through 95079, and said the Suzhou area is really only a site, customers have problems, can be reflected through customer service hotline 95079.As for the problems reported by customers, such as sometimes no one answers the customer service hotline and the delay in repair after the report, the staff could not explain, but said that they would further verify.Yesterday afternoon reporter before the press, get feedback from Mr Liu: the broadband in the home has been fixed, according to the spot check, just broke a line.Gusu Evening News February 16, 2022 B03 edition of our reporter Ye Yongchun Editor: Li Junfeng (new media operator, senior photographer)