CBA teams in December new media influence list released, fans are most concerned about the second phase of the team foreign aid changes

2022-07-21 0 By

Lazy Bear sports and jointly released the influence rankings of CBA’s official accounts and official weibo accounts in December, as well as the top articles on the official accounts of each team.Note: KCI in the above table represents the influence index of wechat We-media, which is an important indicator used by Linklibrary platform to evaluate the influence, activity and communication power of wechat We-media accounts.Statisticians calculate the specific KCI index by observing the total number of reads, the highest number of reads, the average number of reads, the headline number of reads, the total number of likes, the highest number of likes, the average number of likes, and the headline number of likes.· The top five teams in this month’s microblog list are Guangdong, Liaoning, Beijing Shougang, Shanxi and Jilin. There are 10 clubs with A KBI index of over 500, 2 fewer than last month.· The top five teams in wechat this month are Guangdong, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jilin and Xinjiang. There are 5 clubs with KCI index over 500, one less than last month;A total of one club has more than 50 views on average, unchanged from the previous month.· As can be seen from the top articles list, the team’s personnel changes in the second phase and the replacement of foreign players are the most important contents for fans this month.