Peace police to help passengers “ownerless” bag back to the owner

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, Tu Penghui, a passenger police officer of Huizhou Railway Public Security Office and Heping Station police station, found an unclaimed black man’s shoulder bag (containing more than RMB 9800 yuan, several envelopes of red envelopes, driving license and other things, worth more than 13,000 yuan in total) when he was on duty at the exit of Heping North Railway Station.Because the property value is not cheap, the police immediately began to look for work, through the driver’s license information in the bag, found out the identity of the owner Mr. Huang and found his contact information.After inquiry, the owner Mr. Huang was doing nucleic acid test at the exit of the station at that time, conveniently put the bag on the side, after finishing nucleic acid test because of urgent left straight, forgot to put on the side of the bag.When the owner Mr. Huang, got a call from the police get the items arrived at the station, managed to retrieve possessions, he only a hanging heart steadfast to the ground, and tightly hold police’s hand and said: “the people’s police for the people, really feel the people’s police work carefully and warm, thank you for helping me find wealth!”Railway police warm tips: passengers travel, to take good care of their luggage, to avoid lost.If you find something missing, call 12306 or 110 for help.