“Infinite Study” group 469

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Group 469 Window text/Lin Hai Window to the fifth watch, moonlight for whom bright?Difficult to go to the beautiful woman about, peach blossom drunk I love.Below/Lin Haiyue look forward to meeting, often dream trace.Cold night empty waiting, is sad face.Shan Ju wen/Lin Hai Tianhan far away village, as close as the deep door.The poem sings new roll, the teapot stove is warm.Listen to the rain/Linhai Spring yu Run peach branches, who tree crazy.Dejected nostalgia, no wine comfort acacia.Pear flowers in the rain at night, old crows in the branches.Morning wind to sweep the floor, heartache small farmer.Zhoushan: Qingtian Fushan Zhoushan Pear flower/Lin Hai Pear white clouds, ancient trees as incense.The sea of snow and waves, ten miles of sound.Zhoushan: Qingtian Fu Mountain Zhoushan Pear flowers/Lin Hai like snow pear white, Zhoushan open everywhere.Perfumed the road, fairies came down.Zhoushan: Qingtian Fushan Zhoushan Culture/Lin Hai Zhoushan Beauty Courtyard Front Pear, Yurun Spring Yudai Creek.Yan cut the spring breeze into a unique painting, oriole shuttle ancient tree several crowed.Zhou Shan: Qingtian Fu Shan read deep as sword/Lin Hai Spring Yousi wine a cylinder, lonely sad drunk in the window.Ink dyed fragrance sorrow, broken promises.New buds grow in pairs.Call distant piano playing, still.Heart helpless sigh feeling bowel.Tearful eyes dance who understand me, sitting alone.Read as deep as a sword stab heart.A small residence on the slope/Lin Hai small residence on the slope, cloud lock deep forest road.Plum branches dance in the wind, a few degrees of spring on the stranger.Remnants of snow across the mountain village, the neighbors closed the fence door.When you sit idle with a cup of wine, you find it dusk again.The spring breeze woke up the peaches in the yard, and all the branches were elegant and charming.Morning from the window warbler language, urging my poem effect.Tai Heshan Mountain evening clock/Lin Hai Sky setting sun reflects ancient pine, cloudy and sunny path shadow.Wear forest birds vocal music, into the temple spring breeze ringing evening bell.Taihe Mountain: Qingtian February pastoral text/Lin Hai two lines of weeping willows blowing along the embankment, swallows fly double water edge.Spring breeze rises with dreams in February, and the shepherd boy’s flute plows the fields.Bird warbler comb liuwen/Linhai spring breeze over the flowers, the field farming sowing busy.On the shore, the birds could not sing, and were combing the tender yellow willow.Mountain home/forest Mountain huts smoke from cooking, bugu urging plough wild fields.Busy sowing three or four acres of farming, forget the time in the hoe.Lonely warbler twilight Wenlin Sea east wind green woods, this spring in February gas bleak.Dead branches snow setting sun, a lone bird dusk.Scholar Wenlinhai love poetry more love spring, sentimental fate for civilians.Old unlined upper garment two three days change, sour gas touch body sigh bitter xin.Grass people speech banquet book text linhai party will make heart Chen, play brag not people.How can the grass people be proud?Idle talk is nothing but flattery, and all talk of the world for comparison.How like bosom friend three two, unfettered drunkard countryside farmer.Farming-reading rural wenlinhai fame and fortune mountain footsteps stay, people accustomed to bow.A cup of liquor free and unfettered dream, the most free farm.Home on the micro ridge in the sunset wind, walking around the stream to enjoy the peach blossom.Waste time old, also learn when the first love rosy clouds.In the morning sun, there were flowers, and streams around wild people.Hedgerow dogs bark warblers, nothing idle heart slow tea.Melancholy who can solve?Wenlinhai long line disproportionality long wandering, forced to abandon the original heart all ai.Melancholy such as hemp who can solve?Tears fall again.Cold window Wenlinhai vast mind like a star, stay empty bed on screen.Tonight someone difficult sleep, tears drop sigh lonely.Da Tian early spring wenlin pool memory summer lotus, water without trace old leaves.Ambition at the bottom of the lake has not yet gone, prosperity looks forward to spring wave day and night.Daejeon: Qingtian Sidu early spring wenlin sea willows wake up lakeside swallows, Jiangnan February has fangfei.Peach blossom seems to worry back to the cold, a few branches less butterfly fly.On the residual flowers wenlin Sea moonlight faintly standing who, residual flowers falling the most sad.Heaven is a pitiless traveler, and sends the wind to blow hard.On the cliff alone pine wenlin sea cliff lying alone do not melt group, convoluted branches full of wrinkles.Laugh proud wind frost green has not changed, this life without regret without smell.See yu Xia alone Wenlin sea spring breeze water reflected hui, from Hong lost road tears fly.Now drunk who dreams with?See yu Xia alone.Spring rain knocking on the window/Lin Hai water steps before washing green moss, peach blossom branches have been competing.Floating clouds shu roll with the wind, spring rain knock window dream.Who about the peach blossom?Who about peach blossom in March?The spring breeze smiled and let you guess.Who sings, old friends sing in your ear?Spring rain knocks on the window/Lin Hai cloud cloth The sky is gray, a few plum branches are hidden in the clump.Peach blossoms and weeds are ready for the thunder.Beishan Qianxia Lake/Lin Haichun into the new pastoral color painting, the sound of people drunk old love.Peach blossom iii sansheng fu, write at the beginning as pen neighbor.Beishan Qianxia Lake: Qingtian Beishan Qianxia Lake/Forest sea like smoke cotton rain send tenderness, warm human birds.Thousands of gorges east wind clear water, peach blossoms on the shore.Beishan Qianxia Lake: Qingtian Qianxia Lake/Lin Hai Light rain like silk grass color new, peach blossom in full bloom times spirit.Double swallow love, qianxia lake is full of spring.Retirement/Lin Hai and ji wealth all over the continents, a proud for who stay.Shopping mall miscellaneous taste with fate, get word to spend early retirement.Chai Men wen/Lin Hai February wind qing warm melt, Chai Men wine women red.Plum flower a few bundles reward bosom friend, drank three cups another cup.Late at night/Lin Hai Danyue thin branch shadow nishi, peach blossom but cool heart.Sorrow yan difficult to protect the spring dream, sleepless night to wait for the dawn.Shanju/Lin Haichi spring breeze green willow tilt, three minutes warm boat cross.Hang rod idle fishing visitors less, pick up cui smell to February warbler.A spring rain washes the dust, and peach blossoms bloom freely on the green.Sitting idle by the hedge and writing, the evening wind brings me fragrance.Dawn comes from the deep night, spring dawn at the window dancing birds.But to see the east wind season, peach blossom drunk I million poetry Yin.East wind blowing through the text/Lin Hai east wind blowing wildflowers open, is the new spring white hair sorrow.To ask who can understand, a cloud of idle day.The wind and snow crossed the wood lock.Warm wine round the fire.Out of the window dance plum blossom, years ruthless, to ask who knows me.Read ancient books hard and meditate on them often.The humble cottage is broken in deep mountains.Waiting for yan to return, half mu home, can be busy spring sowing.Birds sing in the green grass after rain.How many flowers blossomed last night.Up the slope, beside the stream, the wind blows the willows.Fishing.Fishing.Forget the troubles of the world.Impossible things, don’t think, impossible people, don’t wait.If you’re stuck, you deserve it.Lin Hai lives a life.Hard is dream, give up that is just delusion.Spring breeze blowing, mountains and fields put on new clothes.Awakens dormant flowers, awakens birdsong.Last year’s fallen leaves have turned into spring mud.”Looking back” article/Lin Hai 365 days and nights.Heart, how many beats wrong?Look back, tears in the past to write.”Old feelings” article/Lin Hai toil bitterness into the wine.The aroma is stronger.Only for the round that a feeling, but has been not the least trace spring/Lin Hai who pity?Thin shoulder.Every day without you is never spring.If spring is a postcard.I want to fill it with that cloud in the sky.Unfortunately, the wind of the horizon, it blows chaos New Year message “Savior” text/Lin Hai this era, everyone is busy.No one is going to be your savior.Sad?A sadness?Can only be responsible for their own, their own pain to lift.”Applause” article/Lin Hai does not have to shine.You don’t have to have any special dreams.Just be that little self and applaud yourself.Lin Hai is not afraid of the distance.Since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships every day.”Skill” article/Lin Hai skill to learn home.Learn that you are strong enough.Only in this way, can not be trampled on by others.”Heartache” article/Lin Hai does not take the wind of the four seasons.Swept away all the way up the dream.Can not meet the heart of the people, alone chic, why heartache?In someone else’s story, with his own tears?Better to break your heart in your own story.Stay away from negative things.Life is not beautiful.Don’t be sad for negative energy, suffering yourself.No matter how much style you have.It’s all about drinking and eating while people are talking.But when your grace rises to the ceiling, they will not be able to afford a feast.”Sad” article/Lin Hai tea cool don’t continue.People go, do not stay, why worry?To leave can only be sad to the old “New Year message” article/Lin Hai tiger roar New Year.Snow concealed the floor.A few plum blossoms, open in the late winter.New Year, what can wait?Last year, I experienced both happiness and sadness, and met both good and bad people.Teach me some things, must stay away from the dust./ How much patience can one man have?The history of our ancestors becomes someone else’s business.Why did you make up two linzicai?The demons of hell come to haunt the world.Where is god in heaven?[images]