Ding Haifeng’s wife Tang Ge, her husband was almost abandoned after becoming popular, stumbling marriage can also harvest happiness

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“I can accept him falling in love with the actress for a few minutes, as long as he can take his heart back,” Said Tang Ge when ding haifeng and his wife appeared in a variety show called “Very Married couple” in 2011.As the wife of actor Ding Haifeng, Tang ge is extremely considerate, even accepting ding’s love for someone else, so magnanimous, is indeed unusual.We all say that the essence of love is giving, acquisitiveness and sensitivity, but in Tang Song, love is particularly different.Even ding haifeng asked her for a divorce when he was at the peak of his career. Tang ge did not frown and said, “Ok, let’s part ways. I just want to find someone who can read my poems.”Three points cool thin, four points careless, five points bear, very alienated, as if like never loved the general flat.It is this kind of character, let Ding Haifeng finally still can’t go his separate ways with Tang Song, and after writing a tearful “peace letter”, Tang Song did not too much wriggle agreed.It is said that the prodigal son will never be replaced, but in the final analysis, it depends on whether two people still love each other or not. Tang Song’s attitude towards feelings is that she loves Ding Haifeng too much, or she has never loved?Is the marriage that has pleated after all broken mirror reunite or repeat past mistakes?01 The first time I met Ding Haifeng was in the kindergarten where Tang Ge worked, when she was still a preschool teacher.Ding Haifeng just graduated from jilin Technical School and joined the “Mountain Tiger Band” in his spare time. He is unemployed.It was after a year of acquaintance that the two came together.In fact, the Tang song at that time is very beautiful, the figure is good, completely can choose a condition than Ding Haifeng condition better boyfriend, but the Tang song is to see ding Haifeng honest, and deeply fascinated by it.When they were together, Ding Haifeng often came to the kindergarten to see Tang Song, every time although they can only say a few words in a hurry, but for the tang song at that time in the heart is very happy.When two people are sitting together to chat, Tang Song accidentally saw Ding Haifeng’s white shirt some dirty, so they gently told Ding Haifeng, the next time to give her dirty clothes, she can help clean.Logically speaking, this is just tang song of polite words, who knows ding Haifeng next time to come, but also really fully brought a lot of dirty clothes to Tang Song, including the last dirty white shirt.When he saw a lot of dirty clothes, Tang song could not help but sigh, but also did not therefore not like Ding Haifeng, but feel that he is really sincere.Seeing the gentleness of excessive peddling, this sincerity is precious.And Ding Haifeng see Tang song do not abandon themselves, to help themselves clean all the dirty clothes, but also feel that tang Song is not only good, and hard work will live.Then two young people who give birth to love to each other heart originally plan to enter the palace of marriage together, establish a family, but the marriage of two people actually both parents do not quite agree.Ding’s parents thought that ding should not marry an older woman, but a younger girl.Tang Ge’s parents think why their daughter should marry a younger man. They think Tang Ge should find an older man who can take care of people.In addition, they think ding haifeng is too handsome, easy to attract women, not suitable for marriage.But despite their parents’ objections, the two, who were in love at the time, decided to get married and promised to be each other for the rest of their lives.When it comes to marriage, Tang Ge and Ding Haifeng did not have the so-called marriage proposal ceremony. Tang Ge is a romantic person, but Ding Haifeng is not. Therefore, Ding Haifeng is the second best in many things.When they got married, Tang said to Ding, “I can have nothing, but I must have a piano for my wedding.”But at that time, a brand new piano was too expensive, so Ding went to a second-hand market and bought a second-hand piano for Tang.When they got married, they didn’t even have a car to send the bride. Ding Haifeng just stopped a car to pick him up and get married with Tang Song.Perhaps because of this hasty marriage ceremony, all of Tang’s colleagues and friends were not optimistic about their marriage. When they met, they even asked bluntly: “You two are still married, how are you?”And the emotional experience that two people show slightly accommodation also is destined the marriage of two people won’t be plain sailing.But there are no smooth sailing things in the world, as long as things happen, two people have each other in their hearts, then two people will be able to come to the end.02 married two people did not because of the family and change their direction of life, Tang Song continues to do preschool teachers, Ding Haifeng is to continue to work toward their own actor dream.At that time, Ding haifeng often had to travel around the country for work, sometimes for months at a time.At that time, communication was not developed, and Tang Song could only write letters to express her thoughts about Ding Haifeng.It is strange to say that when writing, Tang Song fell in love with writing and often wrote a life poem in the name of writing to Ding Haifeng.She is not so much thinking of her lover as praising life most of the time.Such a way to get along seems to be harmonious, but in fact, there are relatively big problems, husband and wife separated from two places for a long time, as time goes by, it will also have an impact on the relationship, but did not break out at that time.However, as they spent more and more time together, their marriage still had some problems, such as after Ding haifeng played Wu Song.In 1998, when the water Margin was popular, Ding haifeng played the role of Wu Song, which was rated as the most handsome and most suitable for the original novel. He became a popular actor. Ding Haifeng later recalled that time, “I laughed several times when I was so hot that I went to sleep and wore sunglasses when I went out to street.”It was in this sudden popularity that Ding haifeng’s mentality began to change. He thought he would have a better future and deserved a more beautiful woman.Apparently, he thinks that his wife, who is now a kindergarten teacher, is not worthy of him.Tang Song may also have a premonition, this feeling may come to an end, when Ding Haifeng went to her in front of the divorce said to break up.She suddenly remembered ding Haifeng had carefully asked her if she could be together with the deep feeling, but at this time has been changed.Although the heartache is sad, but tang song because of their own dignity, she is not willing to show one or two in front of Ding Haifeng, smile promised to separate, then clean up their things to leave.Not noisy not noisy, more no hysteria, with the most rational cold way to face the results of this relationship.But did not think that before long, Ding Haifeng sent a peace letter to her, he said he knew his mistake, hope tang Song can give him a chance.She was shocked ding Haifeng this operation, Ding Haifeng thought tang song will stir up, but did not think tang Song will leave her without nostalgia, for a time in the heart as if empty that way.Without the discipline of Tang Song, Ding Haifeng was not as happy as he imagined. When he went out to shoot, he happened to be next to the ancient town.Walking in the ancient town, Ding Haifeng felt that standing here at this moment to enjoy the beauty should not be a person, he should be with Tang Song two people together.Since then and tang Song together with those memories of the past like a flood in ding Haifeng’s mind, but also let ding Haifeng blinded by fame and wealth gradually recognize the reality.He loves Tang Ge more than he can imagine. There is no one better than Tang Ge.So Ding Haifeng decided to find tang Song compound, tang song wrote the first letter of life, and Although tang Song is natural and unrestrained when leaving, but after it is also day by day with tears, immersed in sadness.After seeing ding haifeng’s letter, Tang Song, who was still in love with him, decided to give each other another chance and get back together with Ding Feng.The happiness of the lost song and Ding Haifeng cherish, but also from the beginning of this matter, no matter what contradiction, no matter how intense the quarrel, did not have the idea of leaving the other side.But their marriage seems to have irreconcilable contradictions, Ding haifeng often work outside the film, long hours can be several months away from home, leaving Tang Song and their two children to live at home.Tang Ge gradually got used to such a way of life, and the two children have their own rhythm of life, accustomed to ding Haifeng not living in the day.Every time Ding haifeng came back from other places and wanted to be close to her, such as holding hands and leaning on her shoulders, Tang Song would be physically rejected, which was very uncomfortable.And ding haifeng came back to play with the two children, Tang Song saw the children originally get up early and go to bed early rhythm of life was completely disrupted, could not help angry: “you might as well not come back, come back everything is in disorder.”Ding Haifeng saw tang song for a long time to see their own attitude is like this, even can’t help but doubt that she is not someone outside, angry and tang song quarrel out of the door.Tang song side also feel puzzling, clearly in Ding Haifeng back before everything is fine, will call chat every day, he came back upset, is thinking about Ding Haifeng but call back.They communicated and chatted normally as before. After a while, Tang Ge suddenly said, “We quarrel every time we meet. How about you don’t come back and we become telephone lovers?”This sentence is probably just an angry words, the implication of which seems to be that Tang Ge is complaining about ding Haifeng to give her too little time, with her too little time.Ding haifeng may also have realized that he was not responsible for his family’s feelings, and has since cut down on unnecessary work to devote more time to Tang and their two children.So women sometimes want very simple things, nothing more than sincerity and company, these two can bring tang song full of security.Before she saw Ding Haifeng shooting intimate scenes will be jealous and angry, to later she can accept Ding Haifeng shooting such scenes, sometimes even give advice.Life became more harmonious, with fewer arguments and occasional incidents that made both of them laugh and laugh.A two people go out to eat alone, ready to have two people in the world, but just hit the car, Ding Haifeng got on the car to sit on let the driver drive, leave tang Song a person in place at a loss.After a while, it should be to the place, Tang Song received ding Haifeng’s phone to ask people, Tang Song said ding Haifeng did not let himself get on the bus and went away, two people silent for a while couldn’t stop laughing.Such embarrassing funny things happen in their lives, although the day is ordinary, but also hidden many belong to her and Ding Haifeng fun.Later, she stopped writing poems, because her life with Ding Haifeng had become romantic like a poem, which made her feel the beauty of life and the true meaning of marriage.Marriage between two people seems to reflect the problems that most couples face, such as heart changes, long periods of separation and so on.Two people’s final outcome is to see two people’s final attitude is what, and how to do.Tang song’s practice is nothing more than a wife’s model, she is willing to accompany a man who has nothing to struggle from nothing, willing to accept a separate man compound requirements.But what’s even more impressive is that she was able to move on and start over after agreeing to get back together.In reality, the prodigal son back for compound everywhere, willing to compound also a lot of people in.But after compound most people are feeling compound but is to repeat mistakes, there is always a thorn in the heart, think will be as before, but it happened that it is not satisfactory, think will win undoubtedly, but sometimes it happened that will lose.So if a woman can not do tang song that free and easy, pick up and put down, do not easily turn back.Of course, Tang song is also lucky, met is really back ding Haifeng.Ding Haifeng is dedicated to his work. Recently, he played Xu Anbang in the hit TV drama “A Generation of Hong Businessmen”, who is the head of hongjiang City. He is a very sophisticated villain, who is portrayed by Ding Haifeng.In terms of family life, although he has made mistakes, he is really correcting them and being steadfast with Tang Song.Later it is said that Tang Song had cancer in bed, so Ding Haifeng put down all the work in the side to take care of, although I do not know true or false, but also from the side can see two people share weal and woe sincere feelings.So what is love, the more than 200 romantic letters written by Tang Ge to Ding Haifeng, or the moment ding haifeng missed Tang Ge while standing under the ancient town?Love is probably tang Ge in this marriage tens of thousands of times sigh disappointed, but tens of thousands of times on the road, is Tang Ge to Ding Haifeng unswervingly firm.