Why is China buying food all over the world when India is a big exporter?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit industries in many countries, and agriculture has also been greatly affected.Combined with global climate change, which has led to more extreme weather events and sharply reduced crop yields, the world’s food production has fallen.Although China’s grain output has grown rapidly in recent years, it still needs to import a large amount of grain from other countries. The main reason is that China has a large population of 1.4 billion people, which naturally has a huge demand for grain.What makes people curious is that India, with a population of more than 1.3 billion, is also the most populous country in the world. Why is China buying food all over the world while India has become a major exporter?Why is China buying food all over the world while India is an exporter?India’s own industrial development is not very good, at the same time, in terms of resources is not very rich, there is no industry that can truly enable India to stand on the top of the world, naturally cannot drive economic development.If there is one thing appealing about India, it is that it has an abundance of labor that companies from many countries value, meaning there is plenty of cheap labor available to set up factories in India.Unlike China, India’s labor is plentiful and cheap, but consumption is poor and the domestic market is not large.More of what is made in India is still exported and cannot be sold in large quantities to make profits in India.If India wants to gain economic benefits to develop its own military power, it can only exchange military expenditure through international trade, so as to purchase advanced weapons from other countries. The export of grain is just one way for India.India itself exports a lot of food, but that doesn’t mean it has enough food to feed its own people.In fact, people in many parts of India still face a food crisis, and many people do not have access to food at all.India, however, continues to export large quantities of food to buy weapons for its military.Unlike India, China can earn money for its military expenditure in many ways, by helping other countries build infrastructure in return for payment, and by exporting some resources.China’s arms sales are also in growing international demand, with many countries actively seeking to buy weapons from China.Every year, China exports many kinds of products. Made-in-china has already spread to the whole world. Even the United States cannot get rid of its dependence on Chinese products.Tests in some countries have found very few items in the home after removing all chinese-made products, almost all of them made in China.This is mainly because of the high quality and low price of Chinese products, which has already made people in many countries unconsciously dependent on them.China has many ways to increase its income. It does not need to export grain for economic income. The profit of grain itself is not high, and China will not use this way to exchange military expenditure.China pays more attention to the livelihood of its people, and the key is to solve the basic problem of adequate food and warmth.There are not many famines in history, and China knows the importance of food. Apart from increasing its own food production, China also imports a large amount of food from other countries to hoard it in case of possible famines in the future.China and India are not on the same plane. There is no point in comparing India with China. China is far ahead of India in military, technology and economy.Although India always compares itself to China, everyone knows that there is no comparison between India and China. It is just That India once stuck gold in its face.