Who stole 32 homing pigeons?

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On the evening of January 21, Allyn went up to the roof as usual to tend to his pigeons, carrying the pigeon food and the guy who cleaned the loft.A Lin is a homing pigeon “enthusiast”, quite research homing pigeon, homing pigeon for many years.”Goo goo…This sound to Lin, very familiar with their own homing pigeons, in the cage, he felt less homing pigeons.Allyn rushed them back to their cages. To determine the number, he checked with the Anklet and found that eight pigeons were missing.”One, two, three, four…”A Lin after reconfirmation, found their carrier pigeons less 8 feathers, the pigeonhole carefully checked, ruled out the pigeon “escape” the possibility, he also found a missing pigeonhole.In order to retrieve the carrier pigeon, A Lin called the Huangyuan County public Security Bureau to report the case.”I want to report a missing homing pigeon.””Where are you?We’ll be right over.”After receiving the report, the huangyuan County Public Security Bureau west district police team immediately rushed to the scene.See the arrival of the police, a Lin hurried to meet up: “police comrade, you can come!My homing pigeon lost 8 feather, a feather homing pigeon 1000 yuan.”Xu Zongjie, head of the case team in the west area, and his colleagues put forward whether the carrier pigeon has not flown back, have not gone out to look for problems.After the police so a question, Lin is not sure how the carrier pigeon.Xu Zongjie said: “the county has a lot of people raising homing pigeons, before receiving similar cases, most of the homing pigeons did not fly back in time after flying out, so the loss of the main rule of homing pigeons lost.”Just then, another policeman found a clue.’Come and see!Xu Zongjie and colleagues on the roof, see the top of the ladder, on the roof is very easy, Alin then also said the loft lost…There was every indication that the carrier pigeon had been stolen.Send a case again to determine the carrier pigeon was stolen, a Lin both angry and worried.”You don’t worry, do a record first, we will investigate the scene carefully, try to find the stolen carrier pigeon as soon as possible.”Xu Zongjie appease the mood of a Lin, do a good record immediately into the scene of the investigation.Xu zongjie and his colleagues found that the place where Lin kept homing pigeons was on the roof of a restaurant, and guests who often went to the restaurant would climb a ladder to enjoy the scenery on the roof.Although the footprints and fingerprints of the scene were extracted, there were so many people that there were not many valuable clues, so they turned their attention to video surveillance.From the video surveillance data, it can be seen that there are many guests climbing the ladder to the roof. Because the video surveillance has a blind corner, only the people climbing the stairs can be seen, but their specific activities on the roof can not be seen.Surveillance video shows that the afternoon of the incident more than ten people on the roof to play, two of the men’s figure attracted the attention of the police, the general guests on the roof to play less than ten minutes down, but the two thin men on the roof after no trace.Xu Zongjie and colleagues again to the scene investigation, found that the other side of the roof can also pass, it is likely that the two men left from here.When Xu Zongjie and his colleague try their best to detect the case, the thief committed the crime again.At about 9 am on January 23, huangyuan County public Security Bureau received another call from A Lin. He said that when he was feeding the pigeons in the morning, he found another 24 pigeons stolen.”Carrier pigeons have been stolen again, are they by new thieves or the same thieves who did it before?”Taking doubt, the police rushed to the scene, discover the footprints on the ground is not clear, through a lot of investigation work, the police determine that two cases are the same as a group of thieves.In view of the particularity of stolen goods and the economic loss suffered by the victim is larger, timely solve the case to recover the economic loss of the victim is imminent.Police decided to find a breakthrough from the periphery, the last video surveillance is two thin men, and this time only appeared a thin man, police expand the search scope, finally found two people in a street, at the same time, one of the facial information is very obvious.After the early scene investigation and interview, and a large number of surveillance video comparison, the police finally locked small force, small chong is suspected of committing major crimes.Suspects arrested At 15:00 on January 23, police arrested suspects Xiao Li and Xiao Chong in Chengguan Town huangyuan County.After the arrest, the suspect small force, small blunt confessed to the crime.”We have stolen it twice, once on January 21 and once on January 23.The first time I stole it with Dash, and the second time I stole it alone.”Suspect small force truthfully confessed the process of stealing carrier pigeon twice.”Where are the stolen pigeons?””We found the buyer through a live streaming platform and sold the pigeons to him. Except for the two that flew away accidentally, the remaining 30 pigeons were sold for 120 yuan.”According to the suspects xiao Li, xiao Chong confessed the clues, police from huangyuan County town, east gorge township, Xining City Huangzhong district block longkou town recovered stolen 30 feather homing pigeons.Suspect small blunt, small force is the same village friend.One day, xiao Li and his family went out to eat, found that the dining restaurant roof raised a lot of pigeons, xiao Li raise is ordinary pigeons, because not professional do not know these pigeons are pigeons, only know that the pigeons on the roof of the restaurant can be sold for money, after going home, has been obsessed with these pigeons.Subsequently, he told good friend small blunt of the idea of pilfering pigeon, 2 people ride a bicycle to come to dining-room nearly 40 minutes from the village, division of labor cooperation pilfered 8 feather letter pigeon for the first time, because did not prepare tool, still pilfered a pigeon cage to be used to pack pigeon.For the second time, Xiao Li stole 24 homing pigeons with woven bags prepared.32 feather pigeons come to hand, 2 people seek a buyer through some live broadcasting platform, because 2 people do not understand the market, in addition to the custody of the two feathers that fly carelessly, the remaining 30 feather pigeons sold 120 yuan only.With two cases of homing pigeons being stolen, the police recovered 30 stolen homing pigeons for A Lin, recovering economic losses of more than 30,000 yuan.At present, the case is under further investigation.(in addition to the policeman’s name are not his real name) source | | iron rich and strong coordinating editor of the rule of law to audit in qinghai | Hou Xianqing