The first lesson of the school unfavourably walks into Qinling Conservation Wisdom Class

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Unfavouring students from Taiping Yukou Elementary School welcome guests at the Qinling Protection Station for students in Taiping District, Feb 24, 2019.As a native of The Qinling Mountains, I learned about the protection and control measures of the Qinling Mountains by visiting, and gained a “new understanding” of the “home” of the Qinling Mountains. The seeds of protecting the Qinling Mountains have been deeply planted in every child’s heart.For the students, lead the teachers to take the oath together and call on everyone to join the Qinling Eco-guardians team unfavourably; act as a member of the Qinling Conservation flow grid for yi District unfavourably and set up the correct values of “love your family, school, Qinling and motherland”.”It’s amazing that there is no blind spot for surveillance!””The students excitedly said.The Taipingyu High penalty kick rack is located on a mountain with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, and can record video, alarm, shout, and recognize and capture faces.Through the operation, Taipingkou Village is clearly displayed on the big screen, students also zoom in to find their homes, area, location and other information is also displayed.While operating, the staff introduced to the children that the sand table system integrated more than 30,000 pieces of data from 36 items such as administrative divisions, valley mouth and road, protected areas and structures (buildings) in the region.The monitoring system is synchronously connected with satellites, drones and more than 3,700 channels of real-time video monitoring, which has become a “clairvoyant” in the management and protection of the Qinling Mountains.The 34 infrared cameras in laoyu and Taipingyu mountains recorded the activity of wild animals in the forest.”First time to see these schoolbook animals!”Students were very happy to see takins, golden monkeys, muntjac and badger on the screen.During the question and answer session of popular science knowledge, students scrambled to answer the question and became the “little guardians of ecological civilization”.Finally, we watched and experienced the test flight of the UAV.The UAV application platform focuses on solving the thorny problem of patrolling areas that are difficult for forest rangers to reach, and greatly improves the ability of patrolling and supervising forest resources.Uncompares Yi District will continue to promote the grid through volunteering, actively integrate all kinds of volunteer service resources, and call on everyone to be the mobile grid keeper for the Qinling Mountains. Uncompares Yi District will act unfavourably for the living things of The Qinling Mountains together.Huashang Daily reporter Quan Man