The AI content auditor of station B who died suddenly while working overtime was also audited by the company

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On February 7, the sixth day of the lunar New Year, it is reported that B station (bilibili) Wuhan AI content audit team leader “Twilight Mu Xin” during the Spring Festival overtime, on February 5, the fifth day of the lunar New Year in the early morning sudden death of cerebral hemorrhage.Everyone pointed to the Spring Festival overtime, high intensity of work to “twilight wood heart” sudden death.Station B responded, “In response to the online rumor that” Twilight heart “due to sudden death due to overtime, after internal attendance check, he according to the work schedule of the normal work, working hours from 9:30 to 18:30 do five days off two, in the week before the incident did not exist overtime and other situations.”Twilight Heart” was buried on February 6. The deceased’s mother called and sent text messages to inform the company’s docking personnel, who only said, “We are sorry for what happened, but we did not arrange a word of sympathy, no one.While people are cheering for the Winter Olympics, some people have quietly died.The joys and sorrows of the world play out every day, and the news of the death of a corporate auditor disappears in a matter of days.We feel very mysterious to the auditor this profession, they are behind the network we can not see a pair of hands, always staring a pair of eyes audit everything.Now it is somewhat ironic that the moderators who used to review other people’s information are now being censored for their own deaths, and anything that is not positive is being erased in the background.Can see the speaker tone of caution and fear, can also see the company for information blockade, this operation is not the original auditor’s work?Is that a worthy death?When you were stuck on someone’s neck, did you think you’d be stuck on your neck today?This is not an indictment of the departed twilight heart.When Li Yundi visited a prostitute, there were 268 media reports, but for such a big story in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, none of them had a voice. Indeed, none, except for the two announcements.It makes people wonder that the media’s doom has arrived so early.The auditor of station B died of overwork