Pingyu County: people qin spring to early wheat field management at that time

2022-07-19 0 By

Now is the wheat green period, my county towns (streets) to seize the temperature rise of the favorable opportunity, strengthen the management of the spring wheat field, to wheat seedlings in advance “plus meals” supplement nutrition.Recently, the reporter in the xidian guozhuang village of the field to see that agricultural technicians came to the field, for the scientific investigation of wheat seedling situation, moisture and worm situation, put forward targeted technical measures, extensive technical guidance and services to help farmers solve the current technical problems.Jinfeng yuan agricultural service center of agricultural technology personnel Zhang Yifan told reporters, “now is the green period of wheat, the purpose of applying pesticide, one is to prevent disease, 2 it is to prevent the aphids eggs of the field, the third is insecticidal, in the numerous xing stage of wheat, a large number of points leaves quickly leaves at the same time, to add a lot of fertilizer to let it grow up quickly, to facilitate the effective leaf,To promote its photosynthesis and make the wheat grow healthily.”In order to ensure that the spring wheat field management does not fall a household, Guo Zhuang village party branch combined with the “I do practical things for the masses” activities, to mobilize the whole village party members, the masses into the spring farming production, in the field to practice the mission of the original heart, show party members to take responsibility.Township store guo’s villa village party branch secretary of the South Korea will say: “after the village two committees cadres screening various natural villages have a Labour shortage, go out to work, go out of the personnel quantity is large, organized a group in the village have a dozen people commandos, for each initiate these Labour, migrant workers, nobody working families, they took the machine to give their crop management, spray insecticide.Guozhuang has 5,970 mu of land. Now more than 95% of the land has been drilled, and there are several hundred mu left. We plan to complete the project in three days.”(Source: Pingyu Radio by Chang Qihui, Song Guangyue, Zhang Jie)