Personal experience of Changsha law house transaction, law house risk?If you want to buy a French house, look here

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, I successfully auctioned a house in Changsha on a treasure judicial auction platform, and have applied for the property ownership certificate. I have time during the Spring Festival holiday, and I will sum up some problems that need to be considered when buying the house for your reference. I hope that friends who have demand for the house can help.At present, most of the French auction houses in Changsha have no bidders, and the starting price of many French auction houses is only 6-8 percent of the appraisal price, which can be said that the auction house is also a good choice for second-hand house buyers.Buying law pats a room to be equivalent to buying secondhand room actually, just buy from the court, all sorts of formalities taxes and fees and secondhand room trade very similar.The following to introduce the purchase of law to take a few problems to consider.One, Changsha law need to buy a house qualifications?Before 2022, changsha foreclosure room with very few school district room building qualification, need to buy most of the buildings is not to need to purchase qualifications, but since January 1, 2022 implementation of the Supreme People’s Court of the people’s court judicial provisions on some issues of real estate auction bidder qualifications, which regulates the purchase method is restricted by the property is located to make room policy constraints,That is to say, in Changsha to buy a house must have the qualification to buy a house, to participate in the house auction, no qualification is not able to buy the house auction.Want to buy the law to shoot a friend, must first verify their own in Changsha have purchase qualifications.For the purchase limit of the French auction house, buyers without purchase qualifications will exit, which should be conducive to the stable and healthy development of the price of the French auction house.Two, Changsha law takes a risk?Foreclosure house whether there is a risk that is also a lot of friends want to buy foreclosure room most concern, online there are all kinds of information about the risk of foreclosure room, such as a long difficult, many mortgage, lease a house costs are not clear, the default property of water and electricity fee, cannot settle, and so on, in fact, now changsha hang net through judicial auction real estate risk is very small.According to my communication with the executive judge, for example, the judge mentioned a case where a house was going to be auctioned, but when the auxiliary auction agency came to the house for inspection, it found that the house was occupied by an elderly man who was not willing to move out. In order to avoid risks, it was not auctioned online.The property to be auctioned, if not the owner himself live, the court will generally require cleaning up the lease, sealed up after the online auction;After the auction, the court can resolve the mortgage through judicial channels;As for the cost problem, there is no poundage, house price is the auction transaction price, the transfer of taxes and fees and second-hand housing is exactly the same, it can be said that the cost is very transparent, much less than the cost of buying second-hand housing from the intermediary;As for the arrears of utilities fees, as long as the property is not very old, if there is arrears, it is not very much;Hukou can be one of the risks, because some houses are the only property owned by the seller, and the hukou is also with the seller. After the house is auctioned, he has no place to move out of the hukou and the buyer cannot move in.Many risks of the auction can be investigated before the auction of the house selection, as long as it is not blindly involved in the auction, these risks can be avoided or reduced.Three, Changsha law can take a loan?Changsha auction house is also available for loans, a bao platform has local banks directly provide loan services, the highest loan transaction price of 70%, the loan interest rate is 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate.If you plan to purchase a house by loan, you must check your credit information. Before participating in the auction, you should go to the lending bank for preliminary examination in advance to verify whether you can borrow and how much you can borrow.Four, Changsha law of some other matters needing attention.1. Give priority to the local properties sealed up by local courts, and try not to choose those sealed up by other courts, so as to avoid some troubles in formalities.2. Early to find room to see a multiple-choice, online content must be read carefully to understand clearly, also can seek advice and auxiliary institutions, find the right method of house, be sure to sign up in time to see, were there many people know about the auction, at the same time to find out about some real estate property in the area, such as transportation, school districts and property management, parking, utility and so on.3. Try not to find intermediaries to reduce unnecessary costs. Auxiliary auction agencies of the court do not charge fees, and the court also explicitly reminds not to participate in the auction through intermediaries and other institutions;For example, I was auctioned off by myself, and I went to deal with the transfer business of a house buyer, looking for an intermediary, the auction transaction price is less than 600,000, the intermediary cost of 30,000.4. If you want to participate in the auction, you can try the free judicial auction platform simulation auction, familiar with the auction process, also don’t hurry to sign up, now room foreclosure auction cycle is adjusted for 60 days, the basic can be ready to deposit first, bid to sign up to the last day to all in time, if the deal, be sure to time as required by bank transfer to pay the balance payment,Not through the auction platform payment, so as to avoid default caused unnecessary losses.5. Foreclosure house clinch a deal the best case is one bid, a bid to clinch a deal, the foreclosure room most of the changsha no bidding, less competition, individual hot house people snapping would happen, if there are many people to participate in bidding, must consider many sided, set your own price in my heart, can’t beyond, if more than, determined to give up, to avoid the high price.5. The real estate transfer time of legal auction is about two weeks fast, one and a half months slow, and most of them can be completed within a month;Transfer process, the court to lift the mortgage payments, after the mortgage foreclosure room, such information to the notice for assistance in execution to the changsha real estate registration centre (or branch), provided by the buyer to get the court auction confirmation and after the execution of orders can be to deal with formalities of change the name of the property department, formalities complete information,After paying taxes and fees on the spot can be completed, three days later can be out of the house ownership card, real estate registration center also free mail home, service is quite good, transfer taxes and fees and changsha current second-hand housing taxes and fees.There are many details are not one to write, if Changsha want to buy a friend of the house, you can also leave a message in the comment area for consultation.