Make your own chips!Push and insert hybrid models, geely 2022 latest planning has been set!

2022-07-19 0 By

Recently, Volkswagen KAN learned its latest plan for 2022 from Geely officials.In this year, Geely will launch a new plug-in hybrid model with a pure electric range of 200 kilometers, as well as a 7-nanometer car gauge chip and a new intelligent cockpit system.To bring users more technology, more environmental protection and more intelligent car experience.In terms of new cars, Volkswagen KAUTO learned that Geely will launch the “extended range” Thor powered model with a pure electric range of up to 200km+ this year.It is reported that the only version of The hybrid system equipped with Raytheon power has been launched. The hybrid system can achieve acceleration of 7.9s per 100 km, comprehensive fuel consumption of 4.3L per 100 km, and maximum range of 1300km, achieving both power and fuel consumption.On the chip front, Geely said it will mass-produce the 7-nanometer longying One, a car-grade chip, in the second half of the year.At the same time, the planning shows that Geely will completely provide all core processor chips from the traditional automotive electronic architecture to the next generation of intelligent networked vehicle electronic architecture, including three product lines of “intelligent cockpit chip, autonomous driving chip and on-board CENTRAL processor chip”.In addition, Geely’s all-new generation intelligent cockpit system will also be carried on the all-new SUV models.For future Gili owners, the interaction between people and cars, and the interaction between cars will be as convenient as mobile phones.