In the New Year, Zheng Jiaying took a photo of his family, showing affection with his wife, who is 22 years younger

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Not long ago, TVB celebrity Cheng Jiaying posted a family Photo of his two sons and wife in the New Year on social media, captioning the photo: “Happy New Year to you all and the Year of the Tiger!”In the photo, the family is smiling happily. Zheng jiaying holds two children in his arms and shows off their love with his wife.”The family’s appearance level is too high,” netizens wrote.Zheng Jiaying is also an old husband and a young wife, he is 52 years old this year, but his wife is only 41 years old, they have been married for nearly four years, but still as loving as before, his wife Chen Kailin was also born in Hong Kong sister, appearance level this piece is really very capable of playing, After Hong Kong sister, she is also quickly entered TVB won the force.In 2018, he openly admitted his relationship with Zheng jiaying and obtained a license with her husband before stepping back to take care of the family.In this New Year pictures, the couple is dressed in a festive mood, Kevin cheng, chose a red outfit, and his wife grace chan is chose a gold vented skirt, two sons is dressed in a red outfit, parents of gold color to draw on each other, and their homes are festive atmosphere, decorated with red everyone,A family of four are laughing very happily.At 52 years old, Zheng jiaying doesn’t even know he’s over 50. His hair is still black and thick, without a gray hair, and his skin looks like a young man, not even a wrinkle.It’s no surprise that the ageless look is so popular that even at 52, he’s still getting offers for TV shows and movies.After marriage, he spent more time on his family and seldom came to the mainland to work. He also said that although he didn’t earn much money, he was very satisfied to accompany his two children to grow up together.At present, zheng jiaying has two children aged 3 and 2. Children at this age also need their parents to accompany them more. Therefore, we can understand zheng Jiaying’s choice to give up part of his career for the sake of his family.The two children also inherit the high appearance level of Zheng Jiaying, especially the eyes are big and round quite watery, leaning on the side of mother and father, the two children are quite happy.And the elder brother also loved his younger brother very much, such a happy family is really enviable.The couple, who already have two young sons, still want a girl. Chen has not said she won’t have children, leading Internet users to speculate that they might want a third child.There is nothing wrong with having a third child. Now the state advocates having a third child, and their families are so happy that they should respond to the call of the state.In fact, now they are so happy, but also let a lot of netizens unexpected, after all, zheng Jiaying early emotional life is quite rich, call him a playboy is not too much, at the same time, the age difference between them is nearly 29 years old, is a typical old husband and a young wife, so many people look down on this marriage.However, after they got married, Zheng jiaying went out to work, while his wife took care of the family. Their lifestyle was also very successful. In fact, Chen Kailin’s family was not short of money, so it was a good choice for her to return to her family and become a full-time mother.If it can be in the year of the tiger and then add a new member of the family, is also a very happy thing for Kevin cheng, Kevin cheng is a winner in life, he is very famous actor career in business, he was happy in the family, married wife, 20 years younger than himself and who never envy such a life?No wonder he smiled so brightly in the photo!