Taiyuan Xinghualing district: fun guess lantern riddles joy yuanxiao

2022-07-18 0 By

“Shahebao community hanging in front of the lantern riddles, this is really lively!Let’s hurry up and guess the riddles!”Taiyuan xinghualing district Shahe Fort community old party member Zhou Xuying aunt excitedly said with her companions.A lantern riddles guessing activity is held in Shahebao community in Xinghualing district, North China’s Hebei Province, Feb. 15, 2019.The content covers traditional culture, winter Olympics common sense, party conduct and clean government, legal knowledge, life entertainment and other aspects;In addition to word puzzles, they also include word puzzles, place-name puzzles, professional noun puzzles and so on, which are vivid and interesting, entertaining and informative.During the event, residents carefully select puzzles they are good at, analyze and discuss them, and occasionally argue over different answers.Soon, more than 100 riddles found their own “homes”, and then everyone was waiting for the exciting moment — the answer to the riddle. Some were confident, some were hesitant, but the smile never disappeared from their faces, and the laughter never disappeared from the crowd.At the end of the event, the participating residents received Lantern Festival gifts and blessings from the community.The children were very happy. They felt that the community held lantern riddle guessing activities, so that they got to know a lot of friends of the same age, while learning while communicating, that is, they can learn knowledge, but also can enhance the relationship.