Relatives who don’t normally move around suddenly bring their children to pay New Year’s greetings!Ningbo man ridicule: New Year’s money how much

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Speaking of Chinese New Year, regardless of adults, children around but a topic, that is lucky money!When I was a child, I looked forward to the Chinese New Year to add fuel to the money bank, but the adults’ inner play is a long story…If the relatives “junior” enough, may just issued the year-end bonus all handed out…Yesterday, a netizen named “Happiness knocks at the door” joked: “My cousin, who is not in contact with me, has a daughter, namely my niece, who suddenly brought her child to celebrate the Spring Festival this year.The man said his niece gave birth to a child after she got married last year, and they attended the wedding and gave money.I gave them cash when they gave birth, but they weren’t invited to a one-month drink.Yesterday the other party asked on wechat whether he would be at home tomorrow and would like to bring the baby to celebrate the New Year.Pinching a calculation, is also when the uncle of the people, tomorrow to worship the age of nothing more than to beg a New Year’s money, because the basic contact on weekdays, please ask everyone, when how much appropriate?In fact, their purpose is very clear, I also love my wallet.@music7386: It depends on the offer.Put red packets of different amounts in each pocket: 500, 1000, 2000…If you come empty-handed or don’t carry much, give $500.If it’s seven or eight hundred, just touch a thousand.The gift is very heavy, touch a 2000.I don’t take my children to visit my relatives during the Spring Festival (except my grandparents). They will give you New Year’s money. Even if you don’t go there, the money will already be given to you.Do not want to give, you have been as the building Lord said, much shame.1: Reference to the value of the gift sent to the New Year’s money.If you come empty-handed, you’re welcome. No.Reciprocity is something that comes and goes.If you don’t want them over, make an excuse and say you’re not home.There are such people in every family, and I have been suffering for decades. Thin-skinned people have gradually become thicker.@Hu: My cousin has stopped walking around. What’s the fuss about my cousin’s daughter?Those who hate walking around during the Chinese New Year holiday are those who have had a few days’ rest after the holiday. They are all finished when they walk away. You say that they don’t walk around because of the epidemic.@Roop: It’s good to be willing to move, not to think too much.As for how much New Year’s money, this should master the principle of reciprocity, there is an old saying: neighbors bowl to bowl.Relatives set each other against the other.@password 2: they are all guests, and they are happy to pay New Year’s greetings to you.As many gifts, as many red envelopes back on the line.@nb- Shaoxing Master: Human warmth and cold, only know.New Year’s money to pay according to one’s ability, the so-called face of what is nothing, afraid of death to face suffer, let oneself like ah Wang chung rice cake, sweat do not please.Wendyhdd: Do what you can.Why don’t you leave a comment on that