Jinzhou villagers yard debris fire, jinzhou fire emergency rescue

2022-07-18 0 By

At 20:34 on February 9, 2022, People’s Street Station of Taihe Brigade received a report that a fire broke out in the yard of a private house in Bailiaohutun, Guta District. Various sundries and a large amount of wood were piled up in the factory, and the situation was very urgent.Taihe brigade people street station immediately dispatched 2 cars 10 people rushed to the scene.
At 20:39, the People’s Street station arrived at the scene. After investigation, it was found that the scene was a fire in the storage of sundries and wood in the farmer’s yard, with an area of about 15 square meters. The fire was in the stage of fierce burning when arriving at the scene.Commander according to the situation on the scene, out of two lines to control the fire and block the spread of the fire.After 40 minutes of fighting, the fire was effectively controlled, and the site was disposed of at 21:40.The vehicle personnel of Renmin Street station returned safely at 21:50 hours.(Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue, Huashang Daily)