Haishu launched emergency plan and “first-level response” in all farmers’ markets

2022-07-18 0 By

Today, a preliminary COVID-19 positive case appeared in Haishu District. Facing the severe and complex epidemic situation, the Haishu District Market Supervision And Administration Bureau immediately launched an emergency plan, and all farmers’ markets under its jurisdiction “responded at level one”, while carrying out epidemic prevention checks on retail pharmacies under its jurisdiction.Haishu area of the farmers market “a response”.”Put on the mask and measure the temperature with a bright code!Keep your distance and enter one by one!”This afternoon, the reporter saw in the central market of Haishu District that the entrance and exit of the market had been changed from four doors to two doors, and each door was equipped with market staff to guide citizens to do a good job of protection on the spot, and orderly flow of people in and out of the two doors.In the vegetable market, law enforcement officers and market management staff, through the “small speaker” propaganda, high frequency of citizens and market operators to come to the market to wear masks, as soon as possible to purchase, reduce the stay in public places.At the same time, the staff of the Market Regulation Administration also communicated with each business owner one by one to guide them to take nucleic acid samples as soon as possible.Haishu law enforcement officers in the area of farmers market inspection.”Since this afternoon, all farmers’ markets in Haishu District have been strictly following the principle of ‘two gates separating farmers’, strictly following the basic requirements of temperature measurement, code check, wearing masks and disinfection, and earnestly guarding the’ small gate ‘.From tomorrow, all market operators, employees and market managers shall enter and exit the market with negative nucleic acid test certificates within 7 days.”Haishu District market supervision bureau Gulou (south gate) market supervision deputy director Gu Yunbin said.It is reported that Haishu District has a total of 23 registered farmers’ markets (excluding rural agricultural products centralized trading points), involving more than 2,000 operating personnel.Haishu law enforcement officers to the area of the drugstore inspection.That afternoon, law enforcement officers also on the haishu area drugstore epidemic prevention inspection.”The focus of this time is to check the implementation of ‘small door’ control and epidemic prevention measures such as temperature measurement, bright code, wearing masks, etc., the banning and management of ‘category four’ drugs, and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures by the staff and sites of pharmacies.”According to relevant regulations, retail pharmacies are not allowed to sell antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral, antibiotics and other drugs, and those who buy such drugs should be persuaded to visit medical institutions, Gu said.