Cold wave came, Hengyang City emergency management bureau issued safety tips

2022-07-18 0 By

Hengyang Daily on January 28 (Zhou Mingtao correspondent Zhou Movement) by the southwest warm wet airflow and the ground cold air constantly southward, the next 10 days our city will usher in phased freezing process of rain and snow.On January 27, the municipal emergency management bureau urgently issued warm tips, please all departments, factories and mining enterprises and the masses pay attention to cold, wind, skid, disease prevention, fire prevention, explosion-proof, focus on storage and transportation system, water supply and drainage system, fire control system for a comprehensive inspection, to find the problem immediately implement rectification.Municipal emergency administration compaction compaction on the responsibility to prevent, early warning and response and social publicity, strengthening the safe operation of the lifeline engineering facilities, strengthening the traffic facilities and order control, completes the affected people basic life safeguard and ensure the normal order of production and life, in the implementation of emergency on-duty and information submitted to the deployment of prompt, remind all relevant units to perfect the safety production plan,We will further familiarize ourselves with the Special Emergency Plan for Dealing with Rain, snow and Freezing Disasters, make every effort to ensure safety, smooth traffic, supply and people’s livelihood, and launch the emergency response action preparation for rain, snow and freezing disasters at the right time.Recently, the city’s emergency management bureau will take the “four not two straight” way, in the city to carry out cold and cold random inspection, to ensure that the masses have a safe, peaceful, happy and warm Spring Festival.