7.2 billion!In 2021, the second-hand car trade volume in The central district of Zaozhuang reached 118,000 vehicles

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Yao Chong on March 25, Zaozhuang central district held a press conference on key projects in the region “a good start” and continued optimization of the business environment, and issued an introduction to the relevant situation.Promotion center as a key project of the central district of zaozhuang Wang Dengpan introduction, deputy director of the party member, this year will mark an in-depth implementation of the “strong industrial area, industry area, the city set up” the overall strategy, formed gradually pilot project strategic reserves, normalized form “completed a batch of, start a batch, reserve a batch, plotting a batch of” good situation.Wang Dengpan said the downtown district adhere to the “strong industrial area, industry hing zone” strategy, the proportion of industrial projects to further improve, based on the existing industrial foundation and industry cluster, combined with the four pillar industries, relying on the park closely fit in the city for the future development of large projects and good projects, highlight the project attract, fall to the ground and reserves, to “three big platform”, add power to high quality and economic development.It is reported that the central area of Zaozhuang city to build the “three platforms” are China veterinary Medicine Valley platform, second-hand car market trading platform, science and technology fund Port platform.Said Chinese veterinary medicine valley platform, it first to seize the market platform is still blank in the field of national veterinary drugs this opportunity, promote the development of veterinary drug industry scale, clustering, now move into sea wood biological, penetration clean health, China shipping four projects, such as otherwise jeno’s fine biological, kang the biological enzyme, the eight projects is in talks to, will forge a veterinary drug valley trading center,Build the most influential domestic and international position of veterinary medicine industry new highland.Looking at the second-hand car market trading platform, we have reached second-hand car export agreements with Nigeria, Kazakhstan and other countries, and handled the export procedures for more than 500 vehicles in total. Last year, the second-hand car market transaction volume reached 118,000 vehicles, with a turnover of nearly 7.2 billion yuan.Port and kechuang funds platform, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with hangzhou heng milk, is due out in May 1 AA rating work platform, to build complete in September 2 AA platform companies, strive for years attract 5-10 fund, fund size reached ten billion yuan, constantly meet the financing needs of the construction of major projects downtown.In addition, the central district adheres to the strategy of “city building district”, focuses on the two main lines of the city’s westward development and the renewal of the old city, increases capital investment and construction and management efforts, and creates a regional central city with more temperature and depth.Zaozhuang People’s Hospital, Doubletdouble Hotel by Hilton, Future Shopping, zhuzibu tributary landscape renovation, Xichang Road comprehensive pipeline corridor and other key projects of the city’s westward development are accelerating.