Zhu Yu reminds me of Argentina’s Copa America goalkeeper Roberto Martinez

2022-07-17 0 By

To say women’s Asian cup semi-final Chinese women’s soccer team beat the Japanese women’s soccer team had a lot of people, such as coach ShuiQingXia, such as captain vian, but there is no doubt that goalkeeper Zhu Yu is also one of the most main credit team, in the face of the Japanese full-court dribbling occupy absolute advantage, Zhu Yu in front of the door not only saved each other have threat shooting many times, and particularly in a penalty shootout save from the other two penalties,Become the biggest hero in penalty shootout of Chinese women’s football team!The women’s Asian cup is Zhu Yu on behalf of the national team for the first time, after the team’s goalkeeper, the Olympic Games is peng poetic dream, after or li-na zhao, but everybody saw peng poetic dream in the Olympic Games played very badly, really li-na zhao haven’t into the national team, from the game to see Zhu Yu has become a national team coach not decline to shoulder a responsibility!Have to say Zhu Yu is really an Asian women’s football goalkeeper, is also constantly and rival wits in on time, the first save from pouncing on his right, the penalty save from each other, and then three consecutive pouncing on the left, the last Japanese players don’t know Zhu Yu finally fell on the side, thought Zhu Yu will rush toward the left, the results Zhu Yu suddenly switch back to the right end of the game,Really feel zhu Yu ability is really very strong!