Despite the “Winter Olympics”, regardless of “Sniper”, Zhang Yimou’s new film screening rate is low again hot debate

2022-07-17 0 By

“Watergate Bridge” topped the list of top grossing films during this year’s Spring Festival.Sniper, co-directed by Zhang Yimou and his daughter zhang Yimou, has been criticized for its low screening rate.On February 4, after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Bai Yansong interviewed Zhang Yimou about the film sniper, zhang said: “I don’t care.”To be honest, “Sniper” is the highest rated film of this year’s Spring Festival, with a cat’s Eye rating of 9.5.Even Douban, which is always critical and meticulous about its characters, gave it a score of 7.7, suggesting that Sniper is a good movie from an artistic point of view.But the Spring Festival met the spectacular “Watergate Bridge” and Shen Teng Ma Li starred in the comedy film, the two flow team, countless gold, in recent years is invincible.Zhang director dare to bar face to face with them, full of courage.From the subject matter, “Sniper” is a small war film, the film is based on the war against the United States and aid Korea “cold gun cold artillery” movement of the sharpshooter group adapted.In terms of the cast, except for Zhang Yi, almost all of them are new faces. Zhang Director uses new people to make a film with a new theme, which is commendable for his courage, and does integrate his thinking on war films. He has his own uniqueness in the form and way of expression.The cinema is to make money, “Watergate Bridge” twin “Changjin Lake” made the cinema a lot of money, this time they certainly won’t miss “Watergate Bridge”, want to be screened 24 hours a day.”Sniper” in many films and flow of stars under the attack, low rate of film is a natural thing.”Director Zhang spent so much energy on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics that he had no time to promote his film. He sacrificed so much for nothing but his Olympic feelings. I went to pay for the tickets…”What do you think of netizens’ opinions?