Yantai data opening to a new level, the number of open forest index in the country’s prefecture-level city ranked first

2022-07-16 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian reporter Zhang Jing correspondent Sun Haoquan On January 27, the reporter learned from the Yantai Big Data Bureau that on January 20, the “2021 China Open Forest Index” was released, Yantai ranked first in the prefecture-level city comprehensive ranking, including municipalities and sub-provincial cities in all the cities ranked third.In the four categories, Yantai ranked first in the data layer.Application in recent years, the yantai big data innovation breakthrough, the convergence of public data resources sharing, open the application as a key to the construction of digital city, successively organized government data collation one hundred great battle, establish working system of the normalized data docking of supply and demand, to apply for the drive to promote e-government data gathering open sharing.Yantai public data open network has opened 13338 open data directories of 14 districts (cities), 57 municipal departments, 5 enterprises and institutions, and released 98 innovative applications of open data.It has built an integrated big data platform, innovatively launched a comprehensive data platform for licenses and data services in central Taiwan and towns and streets, built a data trading platform, and held a data innovation and application competition, leading the country in the “convergence of data”.At present, Yantai city has formed a strong atmosphere of innovative application of big data.Accumulation fund of extraction in the field of e-government services, launched a mobile phone, wisdom, admissions, real estate transfer a chain, their pay endowment insurance, real estate registration pay federal taxes and fees, as well as construction project reporting for advanced services, living wisdom clearance, settled in one thing, affordable housing data application scenarios, such as data run more, the less running errands;In the field of social governance, built housing, talents housing subsidies, the citizen CARDS online application, the object of social assistance income verification, social comprehensive control of the grid, the community correction, power wisdom, food security auditing, tax mining regulation, site data fusion applications such as wisdom, to enhance the level of social governance to make positive contributions.In the next step, Yantai city will further strengthen data collection and governance, and continue to carry out breakthrough action of innovative application of big data driven by social demand.We will conduct a general survey of government data, draw up lists for data gathering and sharing at the city, district, city, town and street levels, and standardize basic work to ensure that there are “more than one” available.Strengthen data governance, improve the three-level data system of city, county, town and street, build an integrated big data platform, and achieve “number and use”;Focusing on the construction of “certification-free city” and smart city, it enables all walks of life to “reduce certification-free materials, administrative procedures and application time limit”, so as to “make full use of the number” and make positive contributions to promoting the city’s digital transformation.