These New Year’s Dinners are a bit special

2022-07-16 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming and coming to the annual time to sun their own family New Year’s Eve dinner, Harbin Normal University college of Fine Arts students sun out of the New Year’s Eve dinner is a little different jingdezhen chili fried pork Xuzhou Dongpo meat Qiqihar barbecue…Are all hand-painted these students in traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, gouache, board, and other forms of writing records symbolizes the reunion of family reunion dinner on New Year’s eve in their brush down from every province road flavor cuisine particularly attractive in addition to painting as well as classmates with paper-cut drying out of town, in the form of the eve of the hand-painted family reunion dinner is not only the art of exclusive many netizens also on social media per share their workSome netizens not only showed their own New Year’s Eve dinner, but also shared their own hand-drawn recipes to teach everyone how to make delicious New Year’s Eve dinner!Some netizens posted pictures of their children’s New Year’s Eve dinner. Although the strokes are immature, it can be seen that the children draw very carefully.How was your New Year’s Eve dinner?Share with us in the comments section!