Popular M7 collar let business travel more senior sense

2022-07-16 0 By

To provide reception travel services on important occasions is not only the affirmation of the model, but also the test and review of the model.It is worth mentioning that popular M7 repeated services in the column, and now new and upgraded popular M7 collar style its performance is more outstanding.Go out on important occasions and make a bold entrance.Carrying a new “jin Lion” standard of the popular M7 lingjue style using the expansion of the family front face modeling, horizontal grid array arrangement, with crystal drill LED daytime running lights and fog lights before and after, to create a more advanced sense of impact.Long body side, new smart car ShenYao line, create the elegant posture, and before the rear bodywork face photograph echo, wide episodic the rear door glass design and quake tail lamp phase coherent, high privacy to the rear of the injection more energetic, integral feeling atmosphere torrential, with a strong aura, completely can HOLD all kinds of special occasions.Interior, the overall relatively simple and rich sense of science and technology.The vehicle in front of the adopted around the cockpit design, 7 inch combination instrument + 11.8 inch screen for intermediate, four multi-function steering wheel, on both sides of the chrome plated metal Mosaic plaque such as configuration, awning level luxury embedded dual sunroof and static Shi atmosphere blue LED lamp, high distribution models are equipped with real wood floor and all the starry sky roof cladding, the simple sense on the vision improve a lot.On important occasions, passengers have high requirements for comfort.Its 5170*1920*1930 large body size and 3198mm long wheelbase, large internal space brings flexible seat layout, middle and rear seats are upgraded to high-end first class president seat, with 360° rotation, electric adjustment, pressing 1 motorcycle and backward equal functions, on the way to travel, in case of temporary important meetings,It can be temporarily transformed into a “mobile meeting room” to meet various car scenarios such as mobile meetings and business trips.There is no doubt that safety and stability are the key to vehicles being able to attend important occasions.In terms of power, the popular M7 model adopts the “2.0T+8AT” new generation of gold combination, equipped with the new honeycomb power GDI2.0T direct injection motor, and it is matched with the ZF 8AT transmission, and the use of electric steering, improve the fuel and power at the same time, effectively reduce the frustration, turbulence and other situations,The power output is more linear and smooth.At the level of safety configuration, the bearing body structure, lane departure warning, blind zone monitoring, electronic parking, automatic parking, airbag + early warning safety belt, but also equipped with the leading Bosch ESP9.3 body stability system, four-wheel disc brake, etc..Whether it is a short business trip or business reception are very practical, if the success of the road can have such a popular M7 collar so a strength of the “mobile reception room” help, not only can improve their professional degree, but also let business travel more senior sense and sense of value, to win the recognition of partners that is a matter of minutes!