Overcome 2 disadvantages!Gu Ailing perfect 1 jump after too confident, thumbs up, baked cake triggered hot discussion

2022-07-16 0 By

As an excellent student, confident, courageous and lovely, Gu has been labeled more and more.After winning the platform gold medal, Gu attracted more attention from media and netizens.Gu overcame two major disadvantages in slopestyle qualification competition on April 14: a mistake in one jump and the first place in the starting order. Gu successfully jumped the perfect second jump, and her score soared from 57.28 to 79.38, almost securing the qualification for the final.China’s Gu Ailing and Yang Shuorui compete in the qualification round of the free ski slopestyle competition.The race was postponed by one day because of unforeseen circumstances.As a result, the players re-draw lots to decide the appearance of the order, Gu Ailing unfortunately took out the first order, and Yang Shuorui is the 26th.As the first competitor, Gu was a little nervous like most players and a little out of her comfort zone, making a few small mistakes and sliding down to score 57.28.As it was a qualifying round, most of the players who came out later made mistakes.At the end of the first jump, Gu ranked 11th among all competitors.According to the rules, the top 12 contestants advance to the final, so Gu’s first jump was still a bit of a worry.The second jump, Gu Ailing is still the first to appear.Perhaps feeling some pressure, she did not slide down immediately after coming out. Instead, she first closed her eyes and thought about her movements. Then, she passed several obstacles in a row and finally landed firmly.Seeing the good quality of Gu Ailing’s work, the on-duty commentator said, “MY heart is finally relieved.Compared to the nervous commentators and most netizens, Gu seemed to have no doubt about her performance. After the dance, she gave the camera the thumbs up sign, and then took out the breakfast she had prepared and ate it immediately in front of the camera.Have to say, Gu Ailing is really a big heart, but also very confident.Gu’s cake sparked a heated debate after she ate it in public, with many netizens even wondering whether she ate a chives box or a pie.After the result was announced, Gu got 79.38 points, although she only ranked the third among all the competitors temporarily, but considering the reason of qualification, gu basically locked a place in the final after completing this jump.