Optimize the law-based business environment: police and enterprises build a defense line of safety

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Case review (a) “Hello, my daughter ran away from home, someone saw her on the car to the eight fairy tube, can you help us look for it?”On the evening of March 22, 2022, the baxiantuan police station on duty received a call for help from A resident of Kerqin District, Li, who said his daughter with cognitive impairment ran away from home because of family conflicts, likely to baxiantuan district, hoping the police to help find.People have desires, and the police should be called, the policeman on duty asked detailed questions flag daughter information immediately after startup p enterprise linkage mechanism, the eight immortals in the cylinder chamber of commerce WeChat group management, hotel industry group, the CunTun publicity group, for the people with police association group WeChat group of investigation information, such as detailed girl characteristics, to mobilize the whole town to look for strength.Police order issued, yihubaiying area of the enterprises, villagers quickly and actively launched, and eventually a bath shop owner in the town found its trail and timely notice to the police station, follow its to the eight fairy tube town Jingtong gas station, with the help of the staff, deliberately delay the time of the girl stay, until the police station arrived.”Really did not expect to help me find the child so soon, the people here are so warm heart, this shows that you do a good job of the police station, do real!”Two hours later, the girl’s mother, Li mou, who came later, couldn’t help praising her when she learned that the whole town was helping to find her daughter.At 18:00 on March 27, the Baxian Police station received a report that a 15-year-old boy who was supposed to return to school at two o ‘clock in the afternoon has not returned to school yet and is missing. The school and his family are currently looking for him, hoping that the Baxian Police station can help.After receiving the police, baxian Tube police station immediately dispatched police soldiers in several ways to quickly look for, a group of police to the little boy finally appeared near the food station to get surveillance video, a group of police along the street all the way to visit, and at the same time started the police enterprise linkage mechanism, in the major wechat group issued a notice of assistance, mobilize the force of the town to find together.At that time, people from all walks of life began to act. Hotel owners were responsible for checking whether there was a boy check-in information on that day, taxi drivers recalled whether they had taken a boy, and others forwarded information and mobilized more people to look for…Finally lasted four hours, the police received dozens of phone calls, through a taxi driver to get clues in Naiman Da Qinthara town found the boy ran away from home, confirmed his identity after the police then made contact with his family, let the family take him back.Since this year, in order to further strengthen the police, police and enterprise communication, effectively solve the problems reflected by enterprises and the masses, the community police of Baxiantuan police Station actively join the area of enterprises, villagers wechat group, industry management group, through the wechat group to carry out grassroots governance work, so far the role of prominent.Employees who need to apply for a registered residence permit can consult and make an appointment in the wechat group.Conflicts and disputes among employees can be reflected within the group;Enterprises in distress, can seek help in the group;Community police was able to cheat by WeChat group to carry out the dissemination and the electricity, fire prevention, such as traffic safety propaganda, at the same time, the police WeChat group in power enterprises also play an important role of maintaining public security police, the police are linkage mechanism makes the disputes in the enterprise, the relationship between the more harmonious, residents sense of security and satisfaction are also promoted.