Is the tier 8 premium heavy tank worth $255 for a 3-day supply on WOT?

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The naked car is 255 yuan.There are some changes in soma SM’s living environment in the 1.15 version. Today, we will analyze its current problems and why it is not recommended to buy it.The Soma SM can be seen as a parallel contender for the AMX M4/50 heavy tank project. It was proposed at a conference in 1946, but the prototype was not completed until October 1951, five years later.Testing was completed between January and July 1953, but by this time the AMX side had 120 guns. The Soma SM, which looked like a heavily armored version of the AMX 50 and 100, was not interesting in comparison, so the project was scrapped, the prototype was demolished, and only two photos remained.Soma SM was not added during supertest but was actually a “gold” — although it was only added in 1.0.0, for Chinese players it was available in are already full configuration files for carnarvon AX, Soma SM and T-103 in the 0.9.22 Chinese client.Soma SM has been sold on Chinese servers several times before, including in last year’s “Daily Pick”, and has never been marked down.SA47, I don’t have to tell you that the Soma SM gun is a 100mm SA 47A with 300 damage per shot and 5 magazines. The SA47 is a French gun that everyone is familiar with, the Lorraine 40T and other mid and advanced French vehicles, as well as the recent early prototypes of the AMX 30.This gun garage paper data a look times son great, the actual combat to play up super dreg.The good thing about the 100 gun is that it has a credit penetration of 232, which is AP, which is relatively good if converted, much higher than most tier 8 heavy tanks, so it doesn’t rely heavily on gold shells.However, this 100 gun credit shell costs 1000 credits, which is not very economical.On paper, the Soma SM is pretty tough — a small reload time of 2.25 seconds, 1500 damage per shuttle, 9 seconds, and a large reload time of 33 seconds or so.While this is much better than the AMX 50 100, the Soma SM is still out of touch with the current version of the new 8-gold magazine/drum vehicle, which is capable of 360 to 460 single rounds of damage and 2-3 small rounds (and even drums).In the current map design, bunkers and hillsides are everywhere, and the high single-shot enemy sticks out his iron head to change his single shot with Soma SM, and when he finishes, Soma SM can only stare.Buffalo/skoda T56 even in this correlation is not empty som SM, Brian, spluttered pa lighting cartridge back – and som SM can only look at the enemy bullet holes on the turret, his bullet gun turret, teeth.The Soma SM is not as hard, but it’s not as soft either. The Soma SM’s survivability performance is interesting. Unlike the front 90 mm AMX 50 100, the Soma SM is much more defensive on the front.If its front penetration is not deep enough, not randomly hit, to hit the tower.Also, soma SM’s hull is no worse than other tier 8 heavy tanks, and its selling side is totally fine.It has 1450 health of its own, and can stack up to 1650 with health + modification, which is pretty good.You can change the mobility and bring a Turbo Soma SM. The biggest disadvantage compared to the AMX 50 100 is mobility.However, with a modification and a turbo, the SOMa SM will be a little more maneuverable and easier to escape in reverse.The idea behind this mobility flow is similar to the Skoda T56 modification, which is to some extent a “wild way” to raise the vehicle’s ceiling.Now let’s summarize the pros and cons of soma SM based on the current data:- DPM has no obvious problems with the current map design (unlike T77) – survivability is slightly less maneuverable (can be made up by modifications)In fact, you can see that SOMa SM is actually more of a strength, which is why it was very popular when it was first sold on Chinese server — when the old map of the Chinese server and the new map of the Chinese server were not used to the new one,It’s pretty easy for soma SM to pop out with 1500 bullets and kill players who aren’t familiar with the map/wandering around.Now, however, with version 1.15, things have changed.The enemy is basically so up the current level 8 room, even the script knows to go to the common normal point selling head.This year and a half since the “waves washed the sand” and “new old alternate”, so that more mass players also know the choice to sell the first car.The Christmas box also made the Calliban, Bofors TRV, Skoda T56 cars “mass produced”. Now everyone knows that it is very awkward to go to the sales point and pose for the shooting.Wargaming was very careful to make these points “closed”, with soma SM’s mobility it was difficult to have any cross support on the heavy branch, and single tanks didn’t cooperate.For single-field environments, bigger magazines are not the time to be better, bigger magazines mean more time to “burst” and more time to reload, which affects the pace of combat.For example, you just installed 5 rounds, hit 2 outcrop enemies, and then momentarily into a stalemate, at this time is to install or not install?Skoda T56 their two rounds of magazine gun output rhythm is quite excellent, on the line stretched out to bang two guns go, and then another round, and stretched out to hit you when it has its own iron head.Wild team Soma SM now “redemption” way is to team up to play with, or modify the mobility of the medium tank line, and must choose those enemy bad retreat point, eat a cannon earn a shuttle so play.These ideal conditions, we all know how difficult it is to achieve, and the price of 255 yuan is really not attractive.Why pay through the nose for something out of fashion?I am Anabel, Kato, always for the vital interests of our players.If you like my car review, please forward to share propaganda, let more drivers home.In addition to say to everyone ha, February 14 valentine’s Day is coming, we this or the old rules, the whole batch of YSL Saint Laurent small gold bar lipstick, the lipstick in the makeup industry equivalent to….KRV in the 10 level of heavy tank status, quite good, and absolutely authentic, support counter inspection.From me through more than 4 years of goods, not a complaint or what, if the old friends have a lover or girlfriend, send this absolutely no problem!Don’t pick skin color, red shows white!Click on the small program card below, this is really good!To learn more