Gradually or Epiphany, the world in addition to life and death, which thing is not meddle

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The right attitude, people will not be so tired.I would like the rest of my life not to worry about trifles, just to smile.Sweet, sour, bitter, hot and sour to share with you, three meals and four seasons with you, this world is worth it.There really is a person, smile to shine over the sun, moon and stars.Because of the effort, the fruit of fate.But do good, ask not the future.Always someone better, now is the best, heart is really not the answer, the heart is.To work hard, but don’t worry, flowers and fruits need a process.Have a kind and clear spirit of the heart, laugh happily cry freely, not affectation not to attack in scheming, such a life is just right.Don’t think about it too much, just focus on what you’re doing, and things will get better.Hard work can be addictive, especially after a taste of success.Time is limited, too late to remember the heart did not my people.I have too little energy to cater to people who despise me.No dynamic days, are in serious life, often send dynamic days, are in love with life.The most precious thing is not how good you are now, but through hard work, you will become better and better every day.The years of those no attention boil into tea, such as a fragrance scattered.I hope your future path is bright, you want to love you love, in the way you like to make life pleasant.What a privilege it is to get what you want, but life is never to get what you want.Be your own sun, and mountains, lakes and seas as partners, love life, confident and brave, keep good, go forward!Be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well. You always have to make mistakes.The romance of mountains and rivers, the warmth of life, are worth moving forward.Your task is to cherish your life, and cherish it even more than before.Force out of the strong, endure the character, pretend not to care.Some people are fickle, three years and five years beyond recognition, and some people are as calm as water, ten thousand thousand miles through, the original heart unchanged.Gradually or Epiphany, the world in addition to life and death, which thing is not meddle.How many joys and sorrows of life, just in a moment, the same thing, see how heavy, how much weight in your heart.Light for joy, heavy is bitter, the replacement of things by people, look down on the value of their own.Turn a mind is light, back is from the bitter.Some lives are short, but they still touch us.The life of the waterfall, is to conquer the cliff cliff block, lies in her fall and unfailing;When the buds bloom with youthful smiles, the dew’s life is dried up, but in the leaf’s heart it has eternal life;Epiphyllum, never expect the eternal existence of life, but in the beauty of life in a short one now shows the brilliance of life.Life is short, life sometimes do not need so hard, laborious life to look back to perhaps know the value of ordinary, simply live an ordinary life, see more scenery in the road of life, so is not very good?There is a Yang, there is a Yin, and Yin and Yang are mutually limited, there is an advantage, there is a disadvantage;One gain, one loss…This is a natural law and a very normal phenomenon.If you put down your attachment to foreign affairs, you won’t feel sad or happy in other people’s mood, and gossip will become a fleeting thing.Must not be attached to the external environment and lose themselves, by others’ comments, in other people’s emotions, or it will be self-torture.Darkness, we can never stop, but we can continue to seek light, and the more light there is, the less darkness affects us.So, when something bad happens, don’t focus on not preventing it from happening, focus more on growing yourself, focus more on improving yourself, focus more on improving what you can control.Not for riches and honour, but for small and fresh.I believe that no matter how hard life may be, we will eventually cherish it, cherish each new morning, and look forward with confidence and hope to the days ahead.Human life is colorful.When a man is young, he is like the water of the Yellow River coming from the sky, galloping and roaring, surging, destroying everything, unstoppable;And as the pulp of the volcano in the spray, sky through the sun, calcium carbide spark, sweep everything, difficult to control.That kind of passion, that kind of energy, that kind of unforgettable.In the face of others praise us, or pointed out our shortcomings, or gossiping slander, we should be self-aware.As long as we review our actions and actions every day before going to bed and feel confident that we have done nothing wrong, we can sleep peacefully.If there is a fault, repent.Repentance is purity, and purity is peace of mind.I am pangpang, grateful life, share happiness!Answer every question carefully, make friends with every friend attentively, thank you for reading, please forward and like the recognition, thank you pay attention to the headline number: Fat love!Pictures from the network, if there is a violation of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will promptly correct, delete.Thank you very much!)