Ghoul Blade: First String vi’s ridiculous combat animation crafting strategy is more difficult than the first Five Jade

2022-07-16 0 By

In the eighth sentence of Guo’s tour of Ghost Annihilation Blade, the depiction and performance of the battle scenes have been very successful and excellent. Based on the top fighting scenes, the battle animation has basically surpassed the difficulty of Bai O Xian, which is also the first string of jade Hu.For the fans who have read the comics, the battle scene depicted in the 8th word can only be described as amazing, and from this fighting scene, the fighting style and characteristics of the 6th fighting, combined with its strength, can basically be booked in advance to kill the jade huhu in the future of the animation of Forge Dao Village.Okho and, after all, there is no lang dozen, read comic effect of combat and scenes are really, okho ability outstanding, have different characteristics, different form whether retreat to flow or touch people kill fish flows are a BUG, but the actual fighting, no lang opened markings seconds okho and playing, this will give a person a kind of okho too food, even worse than the six sense.You say hard power, lacks the six absolute strength gap is really big, almost every top chord can be sent out 2-3 column level of strength is poor, but the key is to open the big recruit awakening okho recruiting is a second, it’s too pulled, and six if not abort dragging her, the second is the party mass character, the performance gap will give the audience a direct illusion.Investigate its reason, in fact is set in addition to the problem, after all, a crocodile to speckle plugins ability is too wide of the mark, after all, this is the true sense of krypton and external life, in order to highlight the strength of external effect, must be somebody when fighting capacity stepping stone, so the demons out of the middle and later periods of the combat effectiveness of the blade itself is more collapse, such as chardonnay opened the markings on the second five and play,But in the face of a time, is the second life, changed the wind column and inflammatory column, whiteboard state can play on ten rounds, can only say that the combat effectiveness gap is very ridiculous.But really want to say on six strength than okho, should not, after all five ability is a BUG, but in order to make reasonable so let the trick plot is essentially zero, shooting and so on six looking at strength than achieved on the future, more information is playing a poor and twin strategy difficulty, actually you stubbornly contrast, both well.There are six eight-legged qualified laggard, and the jade pot itself brain is not good to use.