Doctor Ma Zhenyu of Provincial Avant-garde Hospital: Staring at “eyes” in the same direction

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In the early spring of 2022, people were still looking forward to the warm spring as scheduled, but they never thought that the virus attacked our hometown Jilin Province. The new variant of the cunning virus showed stronger infectivity and concealment, which made us realize once again the severity and urgency of this “epidemic”.Looking at the rising number of confirmed cases, my wife and I, as a member of the medical front of jilin Avant-garde Hospital, are eager to contribute to the fight against the epidemic in our hometown.March 10, his wife signed up to join the hospital 100 people nucleic acid testing team, leaving only said that the children have grandparents to take care of her at ease, the only thing is worried about sick bed mother-in-law, I said to me, you rest assured!On the day I set out, I found my wife’s back in the procession, worried, hopeful and strong.On the afternoon of the same day, I was informed by phone that the hospital would send reinforcements to Jiutai District, where the epidemic was more serious. As a doctor, I signed up for it at the first time.After I put down the registration phone, I suddenly remembered the promise that I had promised my wife to take care of my mother-in-law. I thought she must understand and support my decision and immediately began to arrange my mother-in-law’s life.Then the reply of a short message in the mobile phone let me dispel my concerns, “You come!This epidemic is quite serious, the front of the medical staff is not enough ah!Arrangements have to be made for taking care of my mother…”At 19:00 on March 11th, when we just arrived in Jiutai District, we received the first collection task. Because it was the group of people with one positive result from the previous batch, we were required to enter the house for collection at night.The night of early spring was cold and cold, and even wearing protective clothing could not help shivering all over. The target residents were scattered in the old building community, so it was difficult to find them in the dark. After climbing the building and sampling, it was late at night when they finished the work and returned to the resident.On March 13, after a short rest, we received the nucleic acid collection task of Xicheng community. I was responsible for nucleic acid collection of more than 1200 people in Shengshi North District.The boxes will be closed from PM to 9pm.His hands, which had been sprayed with alcohol while working in cold temperatures, were frozen and his knuckles ached when he returned to the station.I talked with my wife on the phone. She said that there were more than 10,000 people in a team of 16 people. Everyone was working very hard.Cold not cold?The wife did not reply cold, the community brought some food, the relationship is very harmonious.In order not to let the other side worry, this is perhaps at this moment the biggest tacit understanding between husband and wife fighting epidemic disease!On March 15, I was still in charge of the collection mission of Sunshi North District. During the collection process, I met a cute little girl, about 5 years old, with bright big eyes shining. After sampling, she said to me, “Thank you, Uncle!”Her lovely appearance reminded me of my daughter of the same age.Under the epidemic, I do not know how many such parents left their children to go to the “battlefield”. Although THERE are waves in my heart, I am more determined to complete the task and overcome the epidemic, so that my wife and I can return to our daughter as soon as possible.Evening and his wife call, said miss girl, let her hair a picture of the child, was his wife severely laughed, until I pretended to be angry, his wife just obediently sent me a few weekdays with photos.I looked over and over again for a long time.I can’t sleep again.Village road March 17, his wife went to the countryside to collect nucleic acid today, told her to pay attention to safety protection.In the morning of March 18, we drove to Hu’s home to carry out the nucleic acid collection mission to the countryside.My teammate Wang Quan and I were given the task of going into homes to collect elderly, sick, disabled and pregnant villagers.There was a house on the third floor, which had to climb a simple staircase outside the building. The narrow and steep metal steps were covered with ice and snow. When entering the house, the elderly kept saying that they were sorry because they were too old to climb the stairs in winter.I said nothing, we come up to pick it for you!Xiao Li, a local code sweeper, said the simple ladder was very dangerous in winter and could easily slip and fall off. Be careful.She also took a photo as we descended the stairs, saying that she was really grateful that we could come to support Hu Jia Village and do such dangerous work at this time.On the way back to the station, I looked out of the window at the narrow road in the countryside and wondered if my wife was watching the road from the window when she said that her team would also go to the countryside today. She was not only connecting the city and the countryside, but also holding everyone’s hearts together to fight against the epidemic.When I was on the front line, my wife and I were not in the same place, but we were in the same heart. We never talked about our difficulties when we contacted each other. We just exchanged simple greetings and repeated instructions.China JI ke APP reporter Yue Ming collates wechat scan: share wechat click “discover”, scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to share this article to moments of friends.