Audiences have different tastes!Shandong Spring Festival Gala uses Reality to satisfy picky Audiences

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The 2022 Spring Festival Gala, on the 28th night of the Chinese New Year, will be broadcasted by shandong Spring Festival Gala, Anhui Spring Festival Gala, Tianjin Spring Festival Gala, Liaoning Spring Festival Gala, Henan Spring Festival Gala, Gansu Spring Festival Gala and Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala.Audiences face so many Spring Festival Gala, taste is different and even more “picky”, but by shandong Spring Festival gala “reality” to the whole broken defense.After the broadcast of the 2022 Shandong Spring Festival Gala, the response was intense and the performance was remarkable, with the audience’s reputation reaching 99.87%. During the transmission period, nearly 600 harvest hot searches were made, and over 60% of the broadcast reports came from outside Shandong Province, breaking through the local circle to achieve global diffusion.Why can shandong Spring Festival Gala attract many people’s attention?With rich historical and cultural background of shandong, in the Spring Festival gala show no star cluster tactics, no spell light science and technology, nor yuan the stunt of the universe, but real attention to reality, pay close attention to the fate of the ordinary people speak good story in shandong, return to nature of Spring Festival gala, let everybody feel strong festival atmosphere, also feel the joy of New Year atmosphere.Last year’s War for Love, for example, is combined with the current reality, tells a story to pay tribute to the most beautiful rebellious: on New Year’s Eve, an unmarried couple, their fiance is still rehearsing the proposal, the female nurse took the initiative to cancel the wedding due to the outbreak of the epidemic, determined to retrogress.This shows the responsibility of shandong people and the great love spirit of ordinary heroes. They give up their small homes for everyone, which is worth learning and paying tribute to many people.Shandong Spring Festival Gala put them on stage, with ordinary people’s stories, pay tribute to extraordinary ordinary people.This year’s program remains the same, drawing on real life and paying close attention to the real stories happening around people.Lu Xin performances and jade hao crosstalk show “did you hear?”, is lively performance of haggling, looking for friends and family connections used, in order to “cut” that the last knife, a lot of people in real life met such a thing: first of all to interests, lure once you deep inside, you will find this is a very stereotypical pattern of marketing.The Spring Festival Gala of Shandong province focuses on the “reality” problems of the people and tells them a lot of life philosophy and ways to see through the truth and fakes through artistic performances.An astronaut ya-ping wang in shandong in the content of the Spring Festival gala show to send blessings in shandong is the party in a small high tide, at home waiting for the reunion ya-ping wang family on one side, one side is racing “travel” is still in space and to our great motherland blessings ya-ping wang, small family love and ethnic blend, especially.The video went viral on major media platforms.The topic of “A bowl of noodles remembered for 60 years” was reprinted by Guangming Daily.This is the story of Li Zhenhua, a teacher from Nanjing who came to Shandong province to teach. He was poor all his life, but he helped many poor students.One of them had never eaten noodles before he was 14 years old. The bowl of noodles made by Teacher Li has been remembered by him for 60 years.Teacher Li’s students at the scene, telling the story between their teacher and teacher, because teacher Li they grow up have also chosen to become teachers, continue to teach, pass on the fire.Art comes from life and is higher than life. Shandong Spring Festival Gala is closely related to the theme of “reality”, and conveys the positive views of ordinary people through stories about ordinary people, and only works that reflect the realistic significance of ordinary people will attract more attention.Feng Gong teacher performance of the sketch “Our Family New Year’s Eve dinner” for the elderly lost care, performance of shandong people’s warm heart, but also touched a lot of people.Sun Tao and black younger sister and others starred in the sketch “Victory”, but also play through the examination room on those homophonic stem, in the “double reduction” policy, such a story can not only let you “smile”, more can let you “think about”.”Reality” is the Shandong Spring Festival Gala left us a very deep impression.Literary works is in the service of society, from the reality and to return to the reality, the audience aesthetic constantly improve, work can’t behind closed doors, should pay close attention to the hot issues relevant to the audience, so that can have innovation and breakthrough, plus audiences net friend in the face of so many sets, different taste even more and more “critical”, only to focus on the public to care about the emotional and the true reality,To get out of suspension and break out.Shandong Spring Festival Gala, did it.# Shandong TV Spring Festival Gala #