Two big names at once?The lakers are expected to undergo a transformation after the All-Star break, except for James westbrook is the key

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16-17: Before the All-Star break, James averaged 25.9 points, 7.7 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 53.9 percent shooting. After the All-Star break, James averaged 27.7 points, 10.8 rebounds, 8.5 assists and 56.8 percent shooting.Before the All-Star break, James averaged 26.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, 8.9 assists and 54.4 percent shooting. After the All-Star break, James averaged 29.4 points, 9.8 rebounds, 9.5 assists and 53.9 percent shooting.Before the All-Star break, James averaged 26.8 points, 8.6 rebounds, 7.6 assists and shot 51.3 percent from the field. After the All-Star break, James averaged 28.8 points, 8.0 rebounds, 9.8 assists and shot 50.3 percent from the field.Before the All-Star break, James averaged 25.0 points, 7.8 rebounds, 10.8 assists and 48.9% shooting from the field. After the All-Star break, James averaged 26.5 points, 7.9 rebounds, 8.3 assists and 50.8% shooting from the field.Before the All-Star break, James averaged 21.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, 7.8 assists and 52.9 percent shooting from the field. After the all-star break, James averaged 25.8 points, 8.0 rebounds, 7.8 assists and 50.9 percent shooting.The above data comes from From the breakdown of the data, compared to the pre-All-Star, post-All-Star lebron James statistics are steady and rising, in other words, more dominant on the court.In my opinion, this is not hard to understand: before the All-Star break, the season is just beginning, things are still finding their form;After the all-star state to find almost, also should be a result.Of course, I’d like to believe lebron knows when to push and when to hold back.Like James, Westbrook has been better since the All-Star break than he was before, except last season when he played for the Wizards.According to the NBA website:Before the All-Star break, Westbrook averaged 20.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 9.8 assists per game, shooting 42.8 percent, 29.4 percent and 58.3 percent, respectively. After the all-star break, Westbrook averaged 23.6 points, 12.8 rebounds and 13.1 assists per game.The three hit rates were 44.7%, 32.7%, and 70.4%, respectively. The data increased significantly and the efficiency was higher, indicating a stronger presence.When it comes to Lebron, when it comes to Westbrook, the Lakers have to be mentioned.The lakers have been in the spotlight this season because of their visibility, and I think the reason for that is their poor record, which is reflected in:First is intuitive and 27-31 west ninth ranking, secondly, I think it is very important, that is not play the expected performance of, this is James, heavy eyebrows, under the condition of the big three did not show less meet god to kill god, Buddha, kill the Buddha’s domineering, but is repeatedly capsized on during such as magic.But now after the All-Star break, I think the Lakers will usher in a transformation after the All-Star break, for the following reasons: First, with the passing of time, the overall chemistry of the Lakers at this stage, the state of the players is obviously better than the beginning of the season.For example, Monk’s 15.6 points and 43.6 percent shooting so far this month is far higher than his 7.3 points and 39.1 percent shooting in October.Second, carmelo Anthony and Trevor ariza are close to returning from injuries, and Mike Nunn will be back in March, leaving the lakers with only one injury left.With so many injuries back, I think the most immediate impact for the lakers is to diversify, like Carmelo Anthony’s low post and Trevor Ariza’s spot-shooting.Of course, Nunn could give the lakers more with some ability to handle the ball and run pick-and-rolls.On the latter point I mean: nunn hasn’t played in a game so far this season, which is another 10+ player.Also, Nunn can play pick-and-rolls with Howard in the high post and spot jumpers with James in the arc, both of which lakers guards can’t or don’t do well at this point.Third, as mentioned above, James and Westbrook have been more dominant since the All-Star break than they were before.As the absolute centerpiece of the team (at least James is), his dominance inevitably leads to the efficiency of his teammates, which is like the speed of a train driven by its headband.I have always believed that the ceiling of a team is determined by the core, and how well the core performs will largely determine the performance of the team.In my opinion, the third point is the most important of the above three points.After all, team chemistry and player conditioning are bound to get better over time, unless the team sabotaging a midseason trade or player overhaul in the near future, but the problem is that the lakers didn’t make a trade before the trade deadline.As for the second point, I think it’s the same as the first one — everything will get better over time.As for the third point, the reason why it is the most important, I think the first point is that it will not change for the better over time.It’s as if the lakers’ 3-point efficiency has declined since Carmelo Anthony was sidelined, but that doesn’t change for the better over time because it requires ability rather than improvisability.Secondly, as mentioned, Both James and Westbrook have been in excellent form since the All-Star break, which allows them to create opportunities for their teammates if they can effectively attract defense.I mean, if James can attract a double team, there will be a laker who will get an open shot.The opportunity to come out, with the inevitable end of efficiency.On the third point, I think Westbrook is key for the following reasons:Remember, at least the past five seasons after James are all all-star performance is better than that of before the all-star, suggesting that has become a habit, and James is a bit this season, what I mean is that before the all-star, already has a very good performance, then the corresponding the all-star’s performance also can’t bad after that.More important, of course, is that Westbrook hasn’t shown the kind of post-All-Star surge that James has — scoring, rebounding and all five of his stats were near career lows in the first half of the season.Then there is westbrook’s importance to the lakers.As James ages, his ability to handle the ball, not to mention his minutes, will be curbed.At this time as in addition to James relatively reliable ball holder, it needs Westbrook to step out.I mean play or share lebron’s dribbling pressure.In addition, westbrook needs to be able to provide the kind of tandem that James does when James is off the bench or on rest, or at least not be left open as ruthlessly as he has been before, which will result in the team’s offensive space being compressed and teammates’ offense becoming more difficult.Finally, there is the question of how effective it is to be effective on the court with James, especially without the ball, or at least not to be left open.To put it bluntly, Westbrook has to be able to do what James does on the court — get in, finish off the offense effectively;Retreat, can effectively series up the attack of the whole team.If Westbrook can do that, it means the lakers have two Lebron’s, which inevitably increases their chances of winning.In conclusion, according to the past, Both James and Westbrook will burst after the All-Star break, so the Lakers are like two big players, so the lakers are expected to transform after the All-Star break with them.Of course, westbrook will be the key to the lakers’ eventual transformation, along with James, because westbrook has already set the stage for a breakout, while Westbrook has not.