Shenzhen property market transaction volume hit a record low in February, the second-hand transaction volume hit a record low

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Now although the shenzhen property market has been adjusted for a year, but from the perspective of the shenzhen property market, shenzhen house prices are obviously not adjusted in place.Many landlords in Shenzhen still have unrealistic expectations about housing prices in the city.Shenzhen’s second-hand housing turnover is not so low now, a big factor, is shenzhen landlord price is too sincere.A house priced at $5 million in 2019 rises to $8 million in 2020, and then sells for $1 million less in 2021. This price reduction is a disguised price increase.Shenzhen now has so much new housing supply, shenzhen homebuyers are naturally reluctant to do this.Compared with those new houses, the second-hand houses have no obvious advantages.The logic of the price rise in these two years has been very obvious, the second-hand house of the building age is relatively long, the price rise is very low, only the second-hand house of the building age is relatively new, in order to outperform the market.So in this case, shenzhen’s second-hand housing had already had the floor age, bought over the sale period, the floor age is higher, still not as good as to buy a new house, new house to buy, even if a five years, 10 years, floor age is still not high.According to the current situation, shenzhen property market in February’s transaction volume, is estimated to hit a record low level.Uncle Peng interpretation of the first and second tier cities 14 five plan something to ask Uncle Peng 160 yuan to buy a column to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Uncle Peng said the property market # Shenzhen #