Sanitation worker: Spring Festival without rest for beautiful environment

2022-07-15 0 By

Clean sanitation workers in anyang reporters Wang jun wen/figure the day of the Spring Festival is a family reunion together, but there is a group of people, in order to make holiday city clean and tidy, they quietly away from home at dawn, lives on the job, with hard work for the city clean and tidy, for citizens to enjoy the festive atmosphere at ease and pleasure,They are “urban beauticians” sanitation workers.On February 1, the first day of the first lunar month, at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the sky is not bright, Wenfeng District environmental health affairs center sanitation office cleaning worker Qin Jiahong has come to the lighthouse Road camp sanitation work and rest point, ready to broom, shovel, cleaning bags and other labor tools, then riding electric cleaning car road.4 o ‘clock, Qin Jiahong came to zhonghua Road and Wenfeng Avenue near the intersection, began cleaning operations.Qin Gaihong, 47, is an ordinary cleaner at the Wenfeng District Sanitation Center. She is responsible for cleaning the section from Zhonghua Road to Zhaoxia Road on Wenfeng Avenue every day.The streets are still quiet in the early morning, with occasional vehicles passing by.Qin Changhong wearing a hat and a mask, skillfully waving a special long broom, the road of waste swept into piles into the garbage truck.”During the Spring Festival, our sanitation workers do not have a holiday. They still go to work as normal every day. They start their work at 4 o ‘clock and finish at 9 o ‘clock in the evening in five shifts.”On the morning of the same day, the reporter came to Yongming Road and saw zhou Gaidi, a 53-year-old sanitation worker, busy cleaning the road.She is also an ordinary cleaning worker in wenfeng District environmental health Affairs Center.”For us, Spring Festival is just a busy and normal working day, and it’s the busiest day of the year.”Zhou gaidi smiled and said, “But I’m glad to see that the roads I’ve cleaned are clean and people are happy when they walk on them.”During the Spring Festival, there are many sanitation workers like Qin Gaihong and Zhou Gaidi in our city.They stick to their posts, cleaning the road in the streets and lanes, cleaning out, scrubbing suitcases, cleaning up garbage…Walking on the street, a touch of orange came into sight from time to time, behind them, are clean and tidy city roads.Every Spring Festival, there are sanitation workers who stick to the front line to add cleanliness and peace to the festival.Our city is inseparable from their efforts, and their hard work needs our respect and protection.