Early in the morning, “pull door thief” a hand, was squatting police caught

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Accidental opportunity, thief qu Mou drags the door of a car in tile house inn one old village, discover the car did not lock, steal the money inside the car content, after tasting sweet, he hit from now on the idea that drags door larceny.In the early hours of January 12, to pull the door of the burglary suspects qu mou, is committing the crime, was squatted by the police found qu Mou escape, taxi driver Su Guangqing, passengers Wang Kelin and police struggling to close in, it was caught on the spot.Qu confessed 4 cases, the value of more than 10,000 yuan, the same day qu was detained by the public security organs.On February 8, police requested an arrest.Fangdian city police to assist the police heroic arrest suspect Su Guangqing and Wang Kelin gave high praise, at the same time to remind the general public, when closing the door must confirm whether to lock, so as not to be exploited by criminals.Since the beginning of December, wafangdian city has been a number of vehicle theft cases, Wafangdian city public Security Bureau attaches great importance to.According to the video and scene investigation, the suspect is male, aged about 40-50 years old, of medium build, wearing a flat cap and black mask when committing crimes, mostly committing crimes from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., focusing on old residential areas, stealing by pulling doors, stolen vehicles are mostly medium and low grade cars.In order to solve the case as soon as possible, wafangdian municipal Public Security Bureau issued an early warning notice, and asked police stations in each jurisdiction to step up patrols and arrest squatters.On the evening of January 11, lingdong police station police patrol the area, to understand that the suspect has been transferred to the fraternal aid office in tuen village, immediately tracking.In the tun community, the police found and early warning notification of the same physical characteristics of the man is stealthily yank the door, immediately close to it.The man found someone close, ran, police chased while Shouting “police, stop!”Right now, the head on a taxi, the driver and passengers see the police in the arrest of suspects, immediately off to intercept after.Passenger Wang Kelin fell down in the chase, his down jacket was broken, he quickly climbed up to continue the chase regardless of the pain.Finally, in the joint efforts of the police and the masses, the successful capture of suspects Qu mou.To the case, qu confessed to his criminal facts.He will choose the time of the crime in the early morning, the target is the old residential area of the low car, the car door is easy to pull open, one after another let him think he was safe, did not think he had been wafangdian police targeted.Guan Xin Peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video chief reporter Zhang Ximing