Xinyang Xixian county: “Mobile noodle Shop” on duty station

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“Thank you for your persistence. It is our heart to make a bowl of hot ramen.”On March 31, the temperature dropped sharply in Xixian county.At 8:30 PM, a “mobile noodle shop” built on a pickup truck wafting through the air beside the epidemic prevention and control duty card on Xizheng Road.Ma Qinglin, 38, works with a noodle shop chef to make free ramen noodles for epidemic prevention workers on duty.Ramen, soup, seasoning…Then sent one by one to the hands of the duty officers, bowls of hot noodles to warm the heart and belly, so that the “rebels” in the cold will not walk alone.I didn t expect the ramen restaurant to be moved to the duty station.Hot soup noodles, full of blood resurrection, and then on the journey.”Yu Bin, a staff member of the public utility service center on duty at the checkpoint, sighed at the timely appearance of the “mobile noodle shop”, hurried to eat, and then stood back to work.The “mobile Noodle Shop” was organized by eight noodle shops including Ma Qinglin on March 30 after they suspended operations due to the epidemic prevention and control situation in Xixian county.Looking at the card point inspection personnel task heavy, have a meal is not on time, Ma Qinglin touched at the same time special love dearly.”The finished noodles were delivered to that tuo. They could not eat fresh and hot noodles. The shop was temporarily closed, so we moved the noodle shop to the duty station and made two hot noodles for free every day.Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and I have to do what I can.”This is the original intention of the Mobile Noodle Shop.Moving Noodle Shop is not so easy to make it move.Ma Qinglin and his party rented a small truck with a daily rent of more than 200.Wake up the good noodles, boil good bone soup, side dishes and so on all “household things” to get on the car, and turn in the county of the various duty card points.The first day, as a result of the card point position is not familiar, Ma Qinglin also did not walk in vain.It took me until 2:40 a.m. to finish 28 spots and cook more than 300 bowls of noodles.”It makes me happy to see them enjoying themselves.They offered us money, but we refused.This noodle shop is not about money.”Ma Qinglin said ingeniously.A person drives a group of people, a group of people warm a city.Hot and fragrant ramen warms everyone’s stomach and soothes everyone’s heart.In this battle against the epidemic, many people like Ma qinglin have emerged to help the epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions.How long will the “Mobile Noodle Shop” be on the move?Ma qinglin was too busy to look up. “In the critical period of the battle against the epidemic, we will do it for one day.”(Written by Li Mei, Publicity Department of Xixian County Party Committee)