She through the grasp of a beautiful male, evil smile: “you have been my people, but to keep the body as jade!”

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Many people feel empty after reading a novel and don’t know what to read next.Have a small make up no longer afraid of no books to read, it’s all sorts of beautiful novel, small make up for all mining as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo,Thank you for your support and encouragement!Today xiaobian to recommend: Heroine through catch a beautiful male, evil smile: “you are already my people, but to keep the body as jade!”# refuse book waste # 1: “huang Female incline world: cold-blooded Wolf king please kneel down” author: drunk ying fall introduce: female advocate pass through catch a beautiful male, evil smile: “you have been my person, can want to keep a body like jade!”She passed through into a female honor of the emperor too female, pretty good, powerful and beautiful male ah!What?It turned out to be a waste firewood constitution, unable to practice martial arts.Very not easy to see a beautiful man, turned out to be a snow Wolf, too sad to have.Seize beautiful male 1, some female evil smile: “remember, you already be my person, you can want to keep a body like jade for me, if not obedient, I but want return money of.”Stunned the handsome man opened his mouth, “you, you said the opposite!”Into the pit guide: Duanmuxi sat on the ground, cross-legged eyes, concentration of spirit, soon she had a blue spirit gushing out of the body, and finally formed a round protective cover, cover her in the middle.The killer leader is cold and slightly squinted. Although he does not know what she is doing, he does not want to miss any chance to kill her.Black leader hands waved, two blue xuan qi straight at the end of the wood seeker round protective cover.See the two overwhelming blue xuan gas, regulus ink and Blue ze are anxious, regulus ink is to break through the seal again.”Bang…”A loud noise, fly out is not duanmuxi but killer leader.Suffer oneself two xuan qi counterattack, killer leader a blood straight gush and come out.Damn it, how did this happen?Regulus ink and Lanze see is a long sigh of relief.Duanmuxi in the protective cover slowly she entered a very subtle realm, it seems that there is something to break out of her body.The killer leader looked at not far from the shaft ink, wiped the blood lip Angle, slowly stood up.If we can’t touch the girl for the moment, let’s deal with their main target for the night, and if the boy’s dead, they can get back to work.The leader was about to strike when he was blinded by a bright blue light.The dazzling light instantly lit up the dark forest, black killers have blocked the dazzling light with their hands.(click the following link to read the novel) the second: “Cold king, tilt the world small medical concubine” author: Yang Fengye from the introduction: she is the top character of the 21st century, having innate pride in the king of gas.But just lost in the turbulent times of the heart, do not expect to understand the changes in the world and the heart.Only one, let her even die, pride faded.Ugly woman again in the world, but gone with the wind!Into the pit guide: “elder sister, I how you still don’t know yao?”Tilt gu ruo look stern, cold stare at at the beginning of the tilt of calm.”What do you mean, sister?I wanted to ask the kitchen staff to get some tonic for my sister, but unfortunately, sister’s words did not work, the kitchen staff refused to do, do not want to get tonic.”Say, tilt the world first sound faint sigh.In fact, she did not go to the kitchen to get a tonic.”That’s natural, sister. You have been married to the Sheng Wang for so long, and you have never had any contact with him. Of course, what you say has no authority.In the heart chuai angry, tilt gu ruo words apparent tit for tat, she is to let tilt the world at the beginning of no steps!Show this ugly woman who she is!Tilt the world at the beginning of the subconscious eyebrows, fundus a sweep waves, interested looking at the woman in front of, look at this, the two young ladies are ready to pick out?”At the beginning of the world, don’t think I don’t know that you pushed me into the pond on purpose!”Anger attack heart, tilt gu if can’t bear to go on any longer, angrily stare to tilt the beginning of the world.”Oh?”She shook her head in surprise at the beginning of the world, but felt cold in her heart: “Sister, what are you saying?Why would I push you?””Because you are jealous of me, jealous that I am the second youngest in the prime minister’s house, and you don’t like me, so you want to kill me!”Tilt gu if angrily one hum, eyebrow eye cold stand up, this pair of exasperated appearance is to appear distressed.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: Abandoning the Concubine and Dumping the World by Yan Ruojin City Introduction: Who said that going through the harem is the happy life of the holy pet, the six palace without the concubine?She promised not to shoot him!”Come here, I will not beat you.””Fart!”He, come and hug me.””No!”Su Miao, don’t come and break your dogleg!”Pit guide: “No.”The man’s thin lips light, expressionless retold.”……”She had heard right!Su Miao said incredulously, “Can’t you promise such a simple request?”Emperor Bei Yu still closed his eyes, Chou no facial expression lying there, Chou no face is simply perfect, if we ignore his now saying, ‘who said that I do not expect a reward from me, as long as I remember it in my heart?”Didn’t you just ask me what I wanted?!””……”Emperor north feather twist twist eyebrow, between the eyebrows of cold jun reveal a few minutes not be able to bear, finally open an eye to glance at her 1, “casually ask, what problem is there?”Along with the…Then…Just asking?Su Miao was shocked.Then what was that patronizing look on his face when he asked her what she wanted?!Abnormal condition!”No…Problem!”She ground her teeth.You’re the boss and you call the shots.Four eyes, Su Miao mouth difficult move, but also failed to pull out her proud smile – acting this thing is really a need for good psychological quality, she thought she had reached the peak, met this man to find out, god god!It was clear that the revolution had not yet succeeded, and Su Miao still needed to work hard.She silently shut her eyes and stopped talking.Just then there was a knock on the door — “knock, knock, knock.”Su Miao subconscious toward the emperor north feather front block once, then just cleared the throat, ask, “who ah?””Lady, is a slave.”Outside came Lin Shan’s respectful voice, hesitated for a while, “The Emperor here?”(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.”Lady, you must be mine, or I’ll have you locked up!”Pain sick jiao: imprisoned her, hate her to the bone of the man, he lost her, can not find her!Lovelorn let her painful heart, some male but gloat, take advantage of the opportunity to lure her to sign a paper contract to wear back to four years old small milk group period, skill countless high INTELLIGENCE quotient, have five elder brother group favor of love!”Reborn of raising children daily” commander just pick up twin legs soft, the doctor said: there are three in Mrs. Belly