Only after living in Changsha for 3 years did I discover that besides Hunan TV, 3 kinds of delicious food are very delicious!It makes my mouth water

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Speaking of Hunan, I believe many people will first think of Hunan SATELLITE TV. It can be said that the former Hunan SATELLITE TV dominated the entire entertainment circle. Various popular variety shows were broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, and various popular TV dramas were also broadcast on Mango Channel.Famous hosts from Hunan TV, among others, endorse their favorite hunan specialties, such as traditional stinky tofu from Changsha, hunan Province, special chili sauce and bacon duck sauce, which are popular among many people.After living in Changsha for three years, I found that some special snacks are must-try delicacies. Not to mention tourists, even the local people in Hunan will be salivating at the thought of local specialties.Speaking of changsha’s ancient streets, Taiping Street is an inescapable street.As the ancient city of Changsha, it retains the most perfect street structure of the original hutong, which used to be the most prosperous place for commerce and trade.Compared with banzi Street, the fishbone Hutong in this ancient street hides many of the most distinctive local food, which is becoming more and more popular. It is an absolute food mecca in Changsha during the Spring Festival.When it comes to the number one specialty food you must eat in Changsha, you must not avoid stinky tofu.The stinky tofu in Taiping Street is the most famous, and its taste is different. The stinky tofu keeps the traditional style of old Changsha stinky tofu, which is scorched outside and soft inside. Some can be added with stew stock, which is thick and suitable for heavy flavor.Some stinky tofu with sour and sweet radish pickles, taste special, but radish pickles are not sold separately.In addition, stinky tofu from the alley dark stall moved to easy to find the street, set meals also began to change, stinky tofu 1, dried incense 1, chili radish 1, 7 yuan, taste very good.The appearance of Changsha stinky tofu is black, but it does not affect its popularity. Generally speaking, in many pedestrian streets and snack streets, in order to attract customers, many stalls are holding the flag of authentic Changsha stinky tofu, which also proves the national popularity from the side, even if it is smelly, it is delicious!If you also like this snack, please click on the merchandise card above to buy.Duck sauce “dongting lake” in eight hundred with good natural environment and rich resources of water, soil, biological conditions, is a famous land of fish and rice, dongting lake is the main ingredient of duck grows in the dongting lake, grazing in the lake, looking for lake fish, shrimp and crab shell to make a living, growing meat after tight, not fat and not greasy, breeding cycle is 110 days.Select a variety of seasonings in the traditional recipe to add modern technology, the combination of the two, to achieve delicious, carefully select a variety of high-quality condiments, secret special spices halogen, after six hours of slow fire halogen, the duck meat fine flavor, bright and moist, sweet taste.After 15 processes, including miso halogen, air drying and firing, it is a famous characteristic food in Hunan province. The product is dark red in color, ironic and crisp, with strong flavor of Miso, low fat and not greasy, and endless aftertaste. It is the first choice of leisure food for family travel and a good gift for visiting relatives and friends.Choose the most authentic local duck, marinated in a variety of Traditional Chinese medicine, and made with unique air-drying techniques.Hunan Miso salted duck changde specialty smell of strong miso flavor unbearable, thin skin cooked meat, oil is not greasy, can be used as a guest’s flavor food.Shimen citrus production in shimen County mountainous area unique soil climate environment, mountainous dense forest, quiet environment, water, soil, atmosphere pollution-free, good light conditions, is the national ecological demonstration area, with high quality fruit production of innate resource advantage has been identified as the international fruit industry, orange excellent origin;Shimen is recognized as the “excellent producing place of orange” in the international citrus circle, which is the first explanation of the red and sweet characteristics of Shimen citrus by citrus experts.At that time, Tan Tan, chairman of the Hunan Federation of Literary and Art, visited Shimen and was deeply moved by the wonderful life that oranges bring to people in rural areas. He improvised his essay “Sweet Shimen”. When hunan people mentioned oranges, shimen oranges must come to their mind first.Every year there is an orange fragrance, the age is orange red, a golden autumn, Hunan people must have a lot of sweet and juicy Shimen citrus fruit in the fruit plate, “Shimen citrus” so the outbreak, what is behind the meaning.Shimen is known as “The hometown of Citrus in China” and “The first county of early-ripening citrus in China”. Mid-to-late October is the season when Shimen oranges turn from yellow to red, which is also the best time to eat.Shimen oranges are both red and sweet. The red color is found in the golden orange garden of more than 400,000 mu and is known as sweet by thousands of consumers at home and abroad.As the New Year approaches, stock up on New Year’s goods. Click on the link below to buy them.With these hunan specialties, you don’t have to think about what to bring home for the New Year!Which one do you like?