Mobei expedition, arrived at the birthplace of Genghis Khan who are there?Li Jing couldn’t do it

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In 1414, in the wolan River, Zhu Di said with emotion: “In the past five hundred years, I am the only emperor of the Central Plains who has arrived here.”When the Central Plains dynasty went to the grasslands and arrived at the Woinan River valley, the birthplace of Genghis Khan, in outer Mongolia and the areas to the north, there were not many generals.Even Li Jing, a famous tang dynasty general, could not reach outer Mongolia, let alone the north.Feyangu, qing Dynasty general, Manchuria is white flag, valiant and skilled in battle.In 1696, Emperor Kangxi ordered 50,000 troops to fight against Gaerdan. Feyangu, as a general at the front, controlled all troops and horses to fight against Gaerdan in Zhaomodu.In Zhaomodo, southeast of Ulan Bator, the eight banners fought fiercely with Mongolian cavalry, and the battle was very exciting.At the critical moment of the battle, Yin Huaxing led the “Han army” to make a detour and surprise attack. Gaerdan was defeated and fled, and more than 2,000 Mongolian cavalry were killed.Zhu Di, is the emperor, is also a general, but also a soldier.In 1414, Yongle Emperor Zhu Di led an expedition of 60,000 elite troops to Wala and engaged 30,000 wala heavies in Hulan hulsiwen.Hulan Hulsiwen, located in the wolan River valley, where Genghis Khan held his coronation ceremony, was once the capital of Outer Mongolia.Suddenly LAN suddenly lose the war of temperature, Zhu Di intentionally enter ambush circle, get the opportunity of decisive battle.In this battle, Thousands of Wala were killed, the prince was captured by dozens of people, wala was greatly wounded, Mahamu again to the Ming Dynasty.Blue Jade, Ming Dynasty general, chang Yuchun’s younger brother, valiant and good at war.In 1388, LAN Yu led 150,000 troops to mobei, looking for the main Mongolian cavalry decisive battle.Fishing sea, located in Beier Lake, mostly in outer Mongolia, is the site of decisive battle between The Ming army and the Mongolian cavalry.In this war, Blue Jade made a long journey and took the Mongolian cavalry by surprise. More than 100,000 Mongolian cavalry were captured, more than 3,000 royal families, ministers, civil and military officials were captured, and more than 100,000 livestock were captured.Xu Da, the Ming Dynasty chief general, resourceful, like god.In 1368, Xu Da led 250 thousand troops to conquer Yanjing, and recovered the “Sixteen States of Yanyun” on the way, and won the expedition from the south to the north, which was Xu Da alone.In 1372, Xu Da led an expedition of 50,000 troops to Mobei and defeated Wang Baobao three times in a row.When they arrived near Ulan Bator, Xu Da and LAN Yu rushed forward, losing more than ten thousand men.Xu Da stabilized in time, not disorderly, the main generals were not damaged, the main force smoothly returned to Yanmen Pass.06, Li Wenzhong, Ming Dynasty general, Zhu Yuanzhang’s nephew, valiant and good at fighting, long-distance raids, big outflanking operations is a strength.In 1372, Zhu Yuanzhang sent 150,000 troops to the north, including 50,000 from Xuda Middle Road, 50,000 from Fengsheng West Road and 50,000 from Li Wenzhong East Road.Li Wenzhong pursued the mongols all the way and fought with them in Helin (Hangai Province, Mongolia), beheading more than ten thousand soldiers.Li Wenzhong followed up his victory and fought nine times in a row. Although he defeated the enemy, the Ming army suffered heavy losses.After the Mongolian cavalry fled, Li Wenzhong led his army back, but Zhu Yuanzhang did not reward him.05, Shi Tianze, yuan Dynasty general, “Han Army” generals in the one.In 1261, Kublai Khan mobilized 150, 000 troops to conquer Mobei and compete with his younger brother Ali For the position of Mongol Khan.Ximu Tuaner, located on the grasslands near Helin, was the site of the final battle.This battle, Shi Tianze and Tachal led the left army, the first to ali Brother’s Mongol cavalry attack.At the critical moment of the war, Shi Tianze rate of the Han Army detour raid, beat ali not brother’s right army, Ali not brother withdrew from the battlefield, both sides returned.Li Ji, famous general of the Tang Dynasty, and Li Jing are listed as “ten sages in the Temple of Wu”.In terms of combat effectiveness, Li Jing was stronger than Li Ji.From the distance of the expedition, Li Ji was farther away.In 630, Li Jing raided Yinshan, captured Jie Li Khan alive, Li Shimin washed away the “Weishui Alliance” shame.Yinshan is located in Inner Mongolia, Although Li Jing fierce, but no chance to kill to outer Mongolia.In 646, Li Ji sent troops to Mobei, summoned the Turks and Xue Yantuo to surrender, killed 5,000 cavalry near Hangai Mountain in outer Mongolia, and captured more than 30,000 people.Dou Xian, famous general of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the elder brother of The Empress Dowager Dou, was valiant and skilled in battle.In 1989, in order to atone for his SINS, Dou Xian volunteered to go to war and led 20,000 cavalry to crusade against the Huns.In order to make a contribution, Dou Xian did not wait for his teammates to follow up, and fought bravely all the way, winning the battle of Jiluoshan and Hangai Mountain, beheading xiongnu at 30,000 levels.Then dou xian climbed Mount Hangai and asked historian Ban Gu to write an inscription on the stone.Since then, “Le Shi Yan Ran”, become the pursuit of future generals.02, Wei Qing, the first general of the Western Han Dynasty, comprehensive ability is stronger than Han Xin.Wei Qing’s opponent was the Huns, who dominated the grassland and were in their heyday.Most of Han Xin’s opponents were peasant generals, and Han Xin had no experience fighting the steppe cavalry.In 119 BC, Wei Qing led 50,000 troops to battle the Xiongnu and encountered 70,000 cavalry led by Shan Yu in Mobei (Mongol territory).When the wind blew, Wei Qing sent troops from the side to kill, Shan Yu led dozens of cavalry to escape from the battlefield, the Hungarian casualties were almost all.Huo Qubing, a general of the Western Han Dynasty, was good at outflanking.In 119 BC, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty sent 100,000 troops to the Mobei grassland to fight against the Hungarians and fight for a decisive battle with their opponents.Wei Qing led an army of 50, 000. The goal was to find the Zuo Xian King and destroy him.Huo Qubing’s goal was Shan Yu. Emperor Wudi wanted to train the young general.The result hit an own goal, Wei Qing met Shan Yu, Huo Qubing met Zuo Xianwang.The Han army fought fiercely all the way, and the Zuo Xianwang was utterly defeated.Huo Qubing took advantage of the victory chase, in the Xiongnu sacrifice to the world of the Wolf home Xu Mountain held a celebration ceremony, to the victorious attitude of the grassland.Historically, “Le Shi Yan Ran, Wolf guxu” are the pursuit of the famous generals, is the performance of outstanding achievements.Huo Qubing, Wei Qing, Dou Xian, Li Ji, Shi Tianze, Li Wenzhong, LAN Yu, Xu Da, Zhu Di, Feyancourt and other famous soldiers fought strong, killed all the way to Outer Mongolia, meritorial achievements.If we consider modern times, we should add general Xu Shuzheng to the list. He not only defeated his opponents, but also recovered lost territory and gained back more than one million square kilometers of territory.