“Han Liding” sang in the Winter Olympics in Qinyuan Spring

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To read more about Yimen Village, click “Follow”.Qin Yuan Spring winter Olympics singing Han Liding snow frosted days, Jade Dragon title Rui, la like wandering.Sweet welcome music, tage together, xiangshengju, synchronous qingyun.The flame is brilliant, and all nations are in harmony with each other.Mountains laugh, spring buds destroy winter dream, but also Lai Dongjun.Full bow arrow from points, red and blue, the warbler in the far run.Charming butterfly dance, enchanting crane alone, lingering double swallow, fully release the soul of ice.Valiant, passionate years, do borrow shaohua bet bite spring?The banner is moving, the battle is neighing, thousands of troops.Born in 1950, CAI Deng, Pucheng County, Liding, Changle, China, On February 5, 2022.Provinces and cities couplet association member, pucheng county poetry and music association executive vice president.He is the author of Sixty Years of Dreams.Source: Pucheng Poetry and Music Association Sufang Branch collated and edited: The story of Yimen Village