Freshman to junior year, mediocre.How does an undergrad become a 985 graduate student

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Freshman to junior year, mediocre.How a loser undergrad became a 985 graduate student.Dear students preparing for the 23rd postgraduate entrance examination, hello.First of all thank you for clicking on this article.Your likes and favorites are my motivation.I’m Chen Hanshuo, thank you for your support!In November 2019, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Changchun, Jilin Province, which was also the day I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination.I lie in bed and look up at the ceiling. I think about my first two and a half years of college and realize I didn’t do anything.I have only passed cet-4 in English, and I have passed three teacher certificate exams, two 69 and one 54.I didn’t fail any classes, but I only had $1,600 left.I decided to do something about it.I decided to take the postgraduate entrance exam!I decided to fight for my dream of a famous university!I didn’t know which college I was going to go to.I’m from Shandong. Shandong people, as we all know, want to go home.But I don’t think so. I like changchun and I think it is suitable for me because of the fast pace of life.Relatively low prices, can let a month only 1600 yuan of living expenses I live like a person.I don’t want to go to a strange city, so I chose Jida instead of Shandong University!(PS: After the double-top evaluation results came out, I found that I had not chosen wrong!)My undergraduate major is Chinese as a Foreign language, also known as Chinese International Education.In fact, I don’t know much about this major before I take the postgraduate entrance examination.Professional course I only know “modern Chinese”, others do not understand.I also don’t want to change my major, because I don’t know much about it.Therefore, I chose Chinese International Education as my major.Four, the collection of information here to teach you some practical tips, in the establishment of a good target universities and target major, you can log in the school’s official website for professional reference books query, here to Jilin University website as an example.1, search at jilin university in 2, click to enter jilin university, the official website of 3, click on the recruitment of students employment 4, click on the graduate admissions 5, click on the master 6, click on the recruit students general rules to download is ok I am here to show you the recruit students general rules of jilin university in this major, for example from here we can see you to reference books,I will talk about next specific prepare for an examination process below.I will explain the process of test preparation from two dimensions.1. Time dimension I prepared for the exam in January 2020. At the beginning, I could not sit on the bench at all, and there was no epidemic at that time.Every day I went to the library in our city, studied for three or four hours, and came back.To the sudden outbreak in February, spent a month in the neighbourhood to oneself DaiSha, basic didn’t do anything, so formal note is in March 2020, was very lucky to buy from a senior hand to review all the data (here to give myself a AD hope to have classmates can come to me for guidance, but refund tuition fees).According to the above bibliography, we can see that the bibliography of JTU is actually only three books: Modern Chinese, Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and Outline of Linguistics.So there’s a lot of time.Since March, I have mainly studied the knowledge of specialized courses, and I have persisted until I finished the first round of specialized courses in June.During the period, I also recited the words for English, which English teacher and political teacher many seniors have done the share, I am here without unnecessary action.(Of course, if you have specific questions, you can also send me a private message.)In 7 and 8 months, I practiced a lot of specialized courses. 9 and 10, I recited a lot of specialized courses, English and politics. 11 and 12, on the basis of reciting, I conducted a mock examination every week.I will talk about how to prepare for the MTCSOL exam in detail. First of all, we should sort out the contents of specialized courses.In the process of learning, I found a good software, X-Mind, which is very helpful to comb my knowledge tree. Next, TAKE the phonetic part of The first volume of Modern Chinese as an example.Through x-mind combing, we can understand the analysis of sound rhyme analysis, phoneme analysis and so on.Through such logical sorting, the original scattered knowledge in your brain naturally have logic, but also have fun.Today’s dry carding is over here for the time being, if you like the students can also like, comment I will reply the first time!Keep updating!