Data conflict escalation!Meta threatened to pull products like Facebook out of Europe

2022-07-14 0 By

Platforms Inc., Meta Platforms Inc.In its 10-K filing with the SECURITIES and Exchange Commission, it said it would pull Facebook and Instagram out of Europe if it could not legally return rumored users to the United States.European regulators are currently redrawing rules on European data transfers across the Atlantic after a privacy agreement with the US was struck down by the European Court of Justice in July 2020.”Without a new agreement to allow the company to transfer data, it may not be able to offer a number of important products and services in Europe, including Facebook and Instagram,” Meta wrote.Meta is seen as unlikely to pull its flagship product from the European market, but the response highlights the growing tensions between the social media company and lawmakers over the ownership of user data.The European Commission on data law said on Monday that it was in advanced talks with the U.S. government, but that they “need time because the issues under discussion are complex and require a balance between privacy and national security.””Only full compliance with the requirements laid down by the European Court of Justice can provide the stability and legal certainty that stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic expect,” the spokesman added.In 2011, an Austrian lawyer complained to Ireland’s data protection commissioner about what he saw as Facebook’s invasion of his private information.In 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that the Privacy Shield was incompatible with its citizens’ right to Privacy.The so-called Schrems II decision made it illegal for any company to rely on it to authorise the transfer of eu citizens’ personal data, with the removal of the privacy shield and Safe Harbor.Patrick Van Eecke, partner and head of network and data at law firm Cooley LLP, said data protection agencies are reviewing security remedies that allow companies to continue transferring data without the new protocol.”I’m not surprised because there are not many options left,” Van Eecke said.This isn’t the first time Meta has threatened to pull its social media service.In 2020, Facebook, which didn’t change its name at the time, hit back at Australia’s decision to require Facebook and Google to pay Australian media for news content.