Changan Kaicheng “Three New” upgrade Shenqi T30 to meet the ultimate user experience

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Commercial vehicles in China in the past 15 years, urbanization construction and development of the national economy occupies the important position, and other fields and played a positive role, these results not only show the pride of the strength of China’s car, and to promote our country’s commercial vehicle towards globalization, globalization service laid a good foundation.As we all know, China’s commercial vehicle market concentration is high, in order to gain a firm foothold in the strong commercial vehicle market, the need is not only technology but also unique innovation.Looking back, Since its establishment, Changan Kecheng has taken market demand as the core and product innovation as the guide, creating a unique road of commercial vehicle development and taking the lead in the commercial vehicle industry.With the arrival of the new era of commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles have been transformed from simple production tools to intelligent and comfortable mobile space. Under this trend, Changan Kaicheng launched a new upgraded model shenqi T30 last year, which has won good feedback from the market and users.All along, human beings have never stopped exploring the intelligent world. Intelligent technology can bring us a better life and travel experience.In 2021, in order to cater to the development trend of intelligent network in the automotive industry, Chang ‘an Kacheng will continue to deepen its efforts and build shenqi T30, a new generation of intelligent card that is smarter, safer and more efficient for users, around a number of technological upgrades, which truly realizes the seamless communication between people and vehicles.Focusing on product intelligence, Shenqi T30 is the only model of the same class with tire pressure monitoring, which can monitor the pressure and temperature of six tires during driving to ensure driving safety.At the same time, the car is equipped with a new instrument night mode, to avoid the dazzling situation at night, with personalized function design for the user driving to add a safety and protection.Focusing on user experience, Shenqi T30 is equipped with 7-inch color touch screen supporting multi-touch, bluetooth and mobile phone interconnection functions, which can truly realize vehicle-machine interconnection and vehicle-thing interconnection, unlocking a new intelligent logistics experience.Not only that, the car is also equipped with hd color reversing image system, to assist users to reverse and park, the situation behind the car is clear at A glance, the full range of vision dead Angle, and equipped with 5V, 2.1a fast charging USB interface, so that users bid farewell to mobile phone power anxiety, enjoy A happy trip.With the technical advantages and profound manufacturing experience of Changan Automobile, Shenqi T30 has achieved comprehensive upgrading of product design, manufacturing process and r&d strength, further improving the vehicle loading capacity and meeting more practical needs of users.Shenqi T30 single row cargo box is 3.3m / 3.6m, double row cargo box is 2.55m / 3.01m, the width of cargo box is 1.7m, the thickness of side plate is 5cm, the strength is high and the carrying capacity is greatly increased, it can easily cope with all kinds of cargo pulling scenarios, and realize the freedom of cargo pulling.It adopts 6/7+6 high steel main and auxiliary springs, and the design of durable DORA is widened and thickened, which not only improves the carrying capacity of transportation, but also gives consideration to the comfort.Adopt full-size light truck straight beam, beam section size 16 cm *5 cm *0.5 cm, pure steel casting bearing capacity industry first, strength and stiffness of the car is far ahead, can bear the full load pressure, so that users have no worries.Not only that, shenqi T30 steel plate compartment cargo, composite plate compartment cargo single and double row are standard with side doors, 3.6 meters compartment body optional 2 meters side double doors, cargo height of 1.75 meters, and has 11m3 large loading space, so that loading and unloading becomes easier and convenient.New quality – quality upgrade, deduce the good quality of the light of Domestic goods is the control of humanity and details, from thinking about “cars” to caring about “people”, focusing on improving user experience has become the pursuit of Shenqi T30.Ubiquitous humanized design, add multiple comfortable layout in the details, Changan Kaicheng with high quality new domestic products, so that users every trip is a new enjoyment.Will do the industry’s leading commercial vehicle performance at the same time, long nk cheng god thestrals T30 in configuration is constantly to passenger cars, the secondary industry is the only design step models, automatic steering wheel is back, 360 degrees of guardian battery, 65 a steering motor, magic folding the rear seat, front tank layout, comfortable humanized cockpit design configuration,From the sense of driving experience with the car is the same.In terms of safety configuration, equipped with integral central control lock, front suspension standard with stabilizer bar, boundless wide-angle field of vision, vehicle cathode electrophoresis technology, convex head design and front wheel front, so that users feel relieved to open.At the same time, Shenqi T30 has also passed the high-speed test, performance test and complex road condition test, with a test mileage of more than 1.6 million kilometers, and an extreme road condition test mileage of 180,000 kilometers in the area of extreme cold, high temperature, high altitude and strong sunshine.The whole process of high standard rigorous test, make chang an Kaicheng safety performance has a higher starting point, to bring ultimate safety for users.Sincerity, full set off “good start” on the occasion of the New Year, New Year long nk cheng to detonate “start”, for the feedback of consumers trust and support, for consumers in February 2022 cars launched the “entrepreneurial KaiCheng The year of the tiger a good beginning, “sales promotion activity for star model, the displacement compensation fund 2000 yuan, old customers online booking free detection and so on five heavy business,With tangible benefits, consumers can enjoy the experience of easy car purchase and comfortable car use, which can be described as full of sincerity.Looking to the future, Chang ‘an Kecheng opens a new era of commercial vehicles as a strategic pillar of Chang ‘an Automobile, Chang ‘an Kecheng has been shouldering the mission of the development of chang ‘an Automobile’s commercial vehicle sector.God thestrals T30, further improved nk cheng long in the layout of the commercial vehicle market, the strength of the vehicle the overwhelmingly industry competing goods, meet the users growing transport demand, not only brought the masses of users with intelligent transport experience, comfort, safety, high efficiency, also provides just need to value beyond imagination.Therefore, once it was listed, it was deeply favored and praised by everyone, and became the preferred model of “entrepreneurs”.Has both challenges and opportunities for the future, commercial vehicle industry, nk cheng to subdivide further grasp the market opportunity and rapid response, continue to revolve around intelligent technology and market demand to promote product updates, to build industry leading advantage of commercial car brands, to “create a world-class automobile enterprise” the realization of this vision to provide a more powerful support.At the same time, in terms of development mode, Chang ‘an Kecheng will continue to rely on scientific and technological innovation to seize the development opportunities, make products stronger, do a good job in quality, make the brand bigger, constantly achieve new breakthroughs, and strive to become the leader of a new generation of commercial vehicles!