Ceng others access control card into the community, a man in Shandong cell phone dropped to the ground, the other party compensation maintenance costs

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Great article | Sue title: rub others entrance card into the village, shandong men’s mobile phone fell on the ground, ask for compensation for maintenance is not on the road can see a phenomenon, people walk with his hand holding a mobile phone, but this kind of behavior is really not an option, once, if not hold hands with someone pass would be easy to fall to the floor.Now the mobile phone head is also quite big, the screen price of the whole mobile phone is not low, once fell to the ground to go up the screen is broken, when the wallet is about to shrink many, want the other party compensation is also a bit difficult.After all, is met under, inexplicable loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan, for who will not be willing to pay, Shandong has a man met this matter, the other party refused to come out of the maintenance fee, let’s have a look.On March 30, a man surnamed Wang in Qingdao, Shandong province, went to the media for help after his mobile phone fell to the ground and was broken. He thought the person who touched him was responsible, but they refused to pay for the repair.Xiao Wang lives in Shangjing Jiayuan Community in West Coast New District. Since he moved in, he did not apply for access control card. He only used other people’s access control card to enter and leave the community.At that time, he also did not have access card waiting at the door, a man walked out of the door while looking at his mobile phone, after opening the door, Wang rubbed into the community, when they passed, the other party touched Wang’s mobile phone.Without a moment’s reaction, the phone wang was holding fell to the ground. When he picked it up, he found the screen was broken and the man had gone away. He shouted, “You broke my phone.”Then Wang called the police. With the help of the police, he went to the property to obtain monitoring. On March 15, he found the man successfully and asked the other party to compensate for the maintenance cost.According to xiao Wang’s own idea, it is wrong for him to censure access control to enter the community, and he needs to assume certain responsibility, but the other side took a mobile phone to see, do not notice that he also has a mistake, but also to assume certain maintenance costs.Later, I also asked the shop about the cost of the phone, and found that it would cost 830 yuan to repair the phone, and he would bear half of the cost. The man wanted to compensate 415 yuan for the repair, but the other party refused to pay, which is why he turned to the media for help.The scene reporter also calls the man to inquire, receive the phone is the man’s object, the other side thinks it doesn’t have any fault, first of all xiao Wang is ceng access control card to go in, should wait for the inside of the person to come out again into the village.After the man opens the access control, also is looking at the mobile phone to go out slowly, and xiao Wang is in a hurry to go in, take in the hand of the mobile phone met the man, so the man is not what fault.But his object is also willing to compensate some money, but very angry xiao Wang’s practice, after finding the identity of the man, but also added the man’s company leadership, and the alarm is a sign to make things very big.In this regard, Xiao Wang also admitted that he had made a mistake and did not consider well in terms of favors. He should have communicated with the other side privately, but the two sides still failed to negotiate successfully.Summary From the mobile phone fell to the ground broken process, this really can not blame others to his mobile phone to damage, the two people are normal in and out, or he rubbed other people’s access card into the community.While the other side is holding a mobile phone to see, while the normal walk out of the community, in the speed is certainly very slow, but Xiao Wang rub other people’s access control card, may be worried will go faster than the other side.Should say that he ran into others, and then dropped the phone to the ground broken, is more consistent with the actual situation, the other party to compensate for his maintenance costs, estimated to the court is not supported.Here also want to remind you, like the mobile phone in the hand, it is best to hold their own attention point, if and in the same as a little touch on the drop, when others will not compensate.What do you think about that?